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Big Data Online Practice Test - 3

This Test will cover complete Big Data with very important questions, starting off from basics to advanced level.
Q. In an interview, developers were told to mark,some statements,related to Hadoop features, as Correct(Co) or Incorrect(InCo). They are given as follows: 1) Hadoop is efficient in reading small files,as it reduces the load on its NameNode.
2) Hadoop does not process streamed data,only batch processing.
3) Hadoop is well organised, for iterative processing,as it supports cyclic data flow.
4) In Hadoop, Map Reduce code,can cache,the intermediate data,in memory,for future requirement.
5)Hadoop has RDD abstraction for batch,which makes it easy to work.
Mark the correct option. .
Q. In a quiz the following statements were provided:
a) Print information about the path.
b) Display last 1kb of file on console.
c) Shell command to empty the trash.
Match the statements,with the Hadoop commands provided, in the options below
Q. A developer was told to write a few queries, while working on MongoDB database. The problem statements were as follows:
1) Exclude first three documents from Dentists collection.
2) Update Rivers document,with id 2, and replace the element present,in 3rd index position,of the "northrivers" array,with "Sutlej".
Match the syntax with the statements.
Q. In a quiz, freshers were asked,to fill up the blanks,with the appropriate terms:
1) __________ launches the application containers,for application execution.
2) __________ negotiates the resources,for executing,application specific masters.
3) __________ never monitors the status of an application.
4) __________ works along with Node manager, to monitor,and,execute the tasks.
The terms provided were as follows -
Application Manager(AppMn),NodeManager(NM),Scheduler(S),Application Master(AM)
Choose the correct blank option.

Q. A developer was studying the different phases,in the MapReduce. The tutorial had valid and invalid statements,in its description:
1) The shuffle and sort phases, for a task, are not performed at all, if the number of reducers, are set to 0.
2) Increasing the number of reducers,lowers the cost of failures.
3) Once the recordReader converts the data into key-value pairs, it resumes communicating with the input split.
4) Only when there are multiple reducers, the partitioner are created.
Mark the correct option, describing if the statement is valid /invalid.

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