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Election System Project Using C Language


Candidate registration, document verification, and auto-generated User ID and pass for candidates and voters will all be part of the online election system. Election Commission will be in charge of the Admin Login. Candidate Login will be taken care of. Voters will be given a unique ID and password by each candidate, which they will use to vote for that candidate just once every election. The initiative benefits the Election Commission, voters (who may learn about the candidate's past and make informed decisions), and candidates.

The software system enables candidates to access their profiles and submit all of their information, including prior milestones. The administrator may review each Candidate's information and papers; only after that, the Candidate's ID and Password will be produced, and incorrect accounts can be removed. Voters may access a list of Candidates in their region via the software system. The administrator has full control over the system and may regulate and remove any information that isn't related to the election rules.

Source Code for Election System Project Using C Language



#define CANDIDATE1 "David Hull"
#define CANDIDATE2 "Kristin Canella"
#define CANDIDATE3 "Jim Brar"
#define CANDIDATE4 "Donald Truimph"

int votesCount1=0, votesCount2=0, votesCount3=0, votesCount4=0, spoiledtvotes=0;

void castVote(){
int choice;    
printf("\n\n ### Please choose your Candidate ####\n\n");
printf("\n 1. %s", CANDIDATE1);
printf("\n 2. %s", CANDIDATE2);
printf("\n 3. %s", CANDIDATE3);
printf("\n 4. %s", CANDIDATE4);
printf("\n 5. %s", "None of These");

printf("\n\n Input your choice (1 - 4) : ");

    case 1: votesCount1++; break;
    case 2: votesCount2++; break;
    case 3: votesCount3++; break;
    case 4: votesCount4++; break;
    case 5: spoiledtvotes++; break;
    default: printf("\n Error: Wrong Choice !! Please retry");
             //hold the screen
printf("\n thanks for vote !!");

void votesCount(){
printf("\n\n ##### Voting Statics ####");
printf("\n %s - %d ", CANDIDATE1, votesCount1);
printf("\n %s - %d ", CANDIDATE1, votesCount2);
printf("\n %s - %d ", CANDIDATE1, votesCount3);
printf("\n %s - %d ", CANDIDATE1, votesCount4);
printf("\n %s - %d ", "Spoiled Votes", spoiledtvotes); 

void getLeadingCandidate(){
    printf("\n\n  #### Leading Candiate ####\n\n");
    if(votesCount1>votesCount2 && votesCount1>votesCount3 && votesCount1 >votesCount4)
    else if (votesCount2>votesCount3 && votesCount2>votesCount4 && votesCount2 >votesCount1)
    else if(votesCount3>votesCount4 && votesCount3>votesCount2 && votesCount3 >votesCount1)
    else if(votesCount4>votesCount1 && votesCount4>votesCount2 && votesCount4 >votesCount3)
    printf("----- Warning !!! No-win situation----");    

int main()
int i;
int choice;

printf("\n\n ###### Welcome to Election/Voting 2019 #####");
printf("\n\n 1. Cast the Vote");
printf("\n 2. Find Vote Count");
printf("\n 3. Find leading Candidate");
printf("\n 0. Exit");

printf("\n\n Please enter your choice : ");
scanf("%d", &choice);

case 1: castVote();break;
case 2: votesCount();break;
case 3: getLeadingCandidate();break;
default: printf("\n Error: Invalid Choice");

//hold the screen

return 0;


Election System

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