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C Language Interview Questions Test 12

This Test will cover complete C with very important questions, starting off from basics to advanced level.

Q. We can insert pre-written code in a C program by using?
Q. Due to variable scope in C __________.
Q. What will be the output of following program?
#include <stdio.h>
    int x, y = 10;
	x = y*NULL;
	printf(\"%d\", x);
Q. Difference between calloc() and malloc()?

Q. Total number of keywords in C are?
Q. What is the use of \r in C language?
Q. What is the purpose of getc() in C language?
Q. What amongst the following is true about Stack?
Q. UML stands for __________?

Q. Addition with a pointer that points to an array will __________?
Q. What is dangling pointer in C language?
Q. What is a wild pointer in C language?
Q. The size of a void pointer in 16-bit system is __________?
Q. In which tree, for every node the height of its left subtree and right subtree differ almost by one?
Q. In which type of Linked List last node address is null?