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Basics of C Language

This Test will cover the basic concepts of C Langauge, including basic syntax, Operators, Variables, Data types etc.
Q. __________ is a collection of built-in functions that can be used directly in C programs?
Q. Which of the following function reads a character (only one at a time) from the terminal and return it as an integer?
Q. Which of the following statement is true according to C syntax rule?

Q. Which of the following is not a valid keyword in C language?
Q. The first character of an identifier in C langauge can contain?
Q. Which operator in C is used to return the size of a variable?
Q. Which is the legal range of values for an int datatype in C language ?

Q. Which data type is used to store real numbers in C language?
Q. Point out the error in the following program ?
int main()
    void v = 0;
    printf("%d", v);
    return 0;
Q. Which of the following is not a logical operator?

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