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C Language Interview Preparation Test 1

This Test will cover complete C Language with mixed questions, starting off from basics to advanced level.
Q. Literal means _______ ?
Q. Choose the correct answer.
Q. What will be the output? printf ("%d", printf ("tim"));
Q. What will be the Output?
x = 5;
y = x++;
printf("%d, %d", x, y);

Q. The value of an automatic variable that is declared but not initialised will be __________.
Q. Determine the Output?
main( )
	float a = 0.5, b = 0.7;
	if (b < 0.8)
	if (a > 0.5) 
Q. The following program fragment int *a; *a = 7; will __________?
Q. A pointer variable can be __________.
Q. 'C Language' is also called as __________.

Q. The loop in which the statements within the loop are executed at least once is called.
Q. The control automatically passes to the first statement after the loop, using __________.
Q. A self contained block of statements that perform a coherent task of some kind is called __________.
Q. Recursion is sometimes called __________.
Q. Unsigned integer occupies __________.
Q. Each C preprocessor directive begins with __________?

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