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CSS Mini Projects / Concepts

Easy to code projects and coding concepts for different programming languages.

My Portfolio
#Advanced CSS

My Portfolio

Code a single page responsive Portfolio, using modern CSS Flexbox techniques.

Required coins
900 Coins
Style a Button
#Beginner CSS

Style a Button

Learn how to style a simple Button or Anchor Links using CSS.

Required coins
300 Coins
CSS Combinators
#Beginner CSS

CSS Combinators

Learn all about the CSS combinators to have a better control over the Selectors.

Required coins
300 Coins
Stylish Audio Player
#Intermediate CSS

Stylish Audio Player

Learn how to style the default Audio player created by the browser.

Required coins
600 Coins
Earn coins
Earn coins as you do the courses, then use the coins to try these projects & concepts. Or, you can also buy coins directly, if you want.

Practice & Learn

New-age style of learning important concepts and practicing.

Simple lessons to learn


Projects that will push you to use what you have learned. And concepts that are tricky and requires special attention.

In-browser coding

Step by Step

Everything is broken down into simple steps so that you can follow them easily and learn.

100k+ Developers Community

New Content Weekly

Every week, we add more projects and concepts to our collection so that the practice never stops.


Answering some of your common questions.

Projects mean small applications of the programming language. It can be writing some REST services in any programming language or consuming REST services, handling JSON data, or creating a layout using CSS, or a small application like Stopwatch or TODO using Javascript, scraping data from a webpage using Golang, etc.

Projects will help you get a taste of real-world requirements and work.

Yes, you can list them in your resume as some mini-projects that you have done.

Concepts cover tricky features of programming languages. For example, Promises in Javascript, or Interfaces in Golang, or something else, that we think should be given special attention.

All the concepts are explained step by step with multiple coding exercises for better understanding and practice.

Yes, there are videos. There are videos too, to explain difficult things. The main focus of these projects/concepts is to make you practice and write code yourself. So you will have coding exercise on each step, along with videos on some of them.

The content is a mix of both text and videos.

You can ask your doubts in the forum. You can post your question in the Forum, and we will answer it.

No, you don't have to install anything. We have in-browser compilers for most of the programming languages for you. You can use them if you enrol in our courses and otherwise too. You just have to login to use them.

You can create simple projects, save the code and share with your friends.

If you don't have enough coins, you can buy coins and use them to do projects and learn new concepts.

Yes, absolutely. Our Web application is mobile friendly, and we will soon launch our Mobile application too.