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Computer Network Concepts and Network Toplogies Test

This Test will cover complete Computer Network with siple yet important questions, also we will touch base with Network Toplogies concept.
Q. DHCP is the abbreviation of __________.
Q. IPv4 address is __________.
Q. Ad-hoc networks are also called as __________.

Q. An example for dynamic routing algorithm is __________.
Q. ISO stands for __________.
Q. If a computer on a network provides shared resources for others to use, it is called __________.
Q. For large networks, __________ topology is used.

Q. X.25 is an example of __________ network.
Q. What is the maximum length of STP(Spanning Tree Protocol)?
Q. ISDN is an example of __________ network.
Q. In __________ topology if the computer cable is broken, network goes down.
Q. Terminators are used in __________ topology.
Q. __________ layer decides which physical path the data will take.
Q. Print server uses spool which is a __________ that holds data before it is sent to the printer?
Q. The __________ portion of LAN management software restricts access, records user activities and audit data etc.

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