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Introduction to DBMS Concepts Test

This Test will cover the basic concepts of DBMS, including Codd's Rule, Normalization, ER Diagram, Generalization, Specialization etc.
Q.Rule One of Codd's rules states that
Q. A single entry in a table is called a _________.
Q. ________ are defined as the set of fields from which primary key can be selected.
Q. Which of the following statement is not correct ?

Q. Second form of Normalization requires ________ .
Q. ________ is a process when relation between two entity is treated as a single entity.
Q. In ER Diagram, relationship is represented using?
Q. In an ER Diagram, ellipse with underlying lines is used to represent _________ ?
Q. _________ constraint is used to restricts actions that would destroy links between tables?

Q. Default storage class for local variables is ________ ?

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