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JSP Scripting Language

This Test will cover the Declaraction Tag, Expression Tag, Scriplet Tag, Directive, Commenting in JSP etc.
Q. Which syntax is used to comment in JSP?
Q. Which of the following is syntax of Declaration Tag?
Q. Which is an example of the syntax used to import a class to JSP?

Q. isErrorPage attribute of Page Directive declares whether the current page represent other JSP's page error?
Q. Which directives specify an HTTP response that will be of type image/svg?
Q. What is the effect of the code given below:

<%@ page isThreadsafe="true" %>
Q. Given a request with two parameters: one named "first" represents a user's first name and another named "last" represents his last name. Which JSP scriplet code outputs these parameter values?

Q. Which of the following is syntax of Expression Tag?
Q) An __________ tag can hold any Java language expression that can be used as an argument to out.println() method.
Q. Never end an expression with semicolon inside Expression Tag?

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