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El, JSTL and Custom Tag test

This Test will cover Expression Language, JSTL and Custom Tag.
Q) What will be output of the JSP code?
${101 % 10}
Q Which will be output of following code when the query string is firstname=John&lastname=Doe?

Q. Which of the following statement about EL access operators is true?

Q. Which is true about TLD files?
Q. Assuming the standard JSTL prefix conventions are used, which JSTL tags would you use to iterate over a collection of objects?
Q. Assuming the appropriate taglib directives, which is not valid examples of custom tag usage?
Q. Which of the following is not a valid implicit object in EL?

Q. Which Custom tag is used to dynamically add the contents from the provided URL to the current page at request time?
Q. Which JSTL provide supports for string manipulation?
Q. JSTL catch tag is used to handle exception and forward the page to the error page.

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