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JSP Standard Tag

This Test will cover JSP Standard Tag.
Q) Which of the following Standard action code dispatch the request to another JSP Pages?
Q. Which JSP Standard action tag can be used to import an image file into the JSP page?
Q. Which statement is true about the < jsp:useBean> standard action?

Q. Assuming no instances of TheBean have been created yet, which JSP standard action statements create a new instance of this bean and store it in the request scope?

public class TheBean {
   private String name;
   public String getName() { return name; }
   public void setValue(String n){ name = n; }
Q. Which Standard tag is used store data in the JavaBeans instance?
Q. Which Standard tag adds parameter to the request?
Q Which statement is not true about the JavaBean Component?

Q. Which Standard tag is used to defines XML elements dynamically?
Q. To retrieve a property from a JavaBeans instance. Which JSP Standard action tag can be used?
Q. It's considered to be bad practice to put java code directly inside your JSP page?

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