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Time to get our Hands dirty!

We have come a long way since we first started learning about Network programming. We now are well aware of sockets, TCP and UDP protocols, port scanners, Nmap module, Banner Grabbing, dpkt module, monitoring network traffic and packets, scapy module and a lot more.

Network and Security are two closely related concepts, as once you know how to access the network in depth, then you start realizing the security flaws that are out there in the open, un-noticed.

Network and Security

By now, we have understood how to grab banner information from a host network and we also know how to intercept and sniff network packets being transmitted over a network, hence we can easily get our hands on to a lot of important (and critical) information related to any host, if we have access to it.

But we did not learn all this to be destructive, rather, we learnt this to have a better understanding of networks and how to secure them.

Application of Network Security programming

No, we would not use any log files against anyone, but what if we can?

Security engineer or hacker?

Having some knowledge about the network and being able to write programs to access the network, aren't you already feeling like a Hacker or a Network Security Engineer.

Some cool Applications

Starting from the next tutorial, we will learn some cool tricks to extract information from any host, considering it is asseccible via a network.

We will learn How to extract Met information from a PDF file, where we will be writing a small script to extract the information. We will also learn what Web Scraping is? And how we can scrape any website to extract the data.

We will also inspect a few social networking website APIs, especially Facebook and will learn to work with Facebook Graph API.

So let's not waste any more time and go to our next tutorial.