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14 Best Windows Software

Posted in Innovation   APRIL 28, 2021

Windows 10 by Microsoft offers a huge number of in-built software applications but there are many more such applications that can be installed by the user for performing additional tasks such as cleaning malware, listening to music, playing games and multimedia, perform drawing, etc. Here is the list of some free and paid available for Windows 10.

Graphics & Drawing

1) Autodesk SketchBook


Autodesk SketchBook is free software that offers numerous sketching and drawing tools on the PC and smartphones for creating conceptual sketches and artworks. This tool also offers distinctive features for the recovery of gallery files and support for Dex.


2) Bamboo Paper


Bamboo Paper tool offers to sync the content of Bamboo Paper and Smart Pad, accessing the notes and sketches from any place at any time by using the Wacom ID provided by the tool. The users can also turn mobile devices into paper notebooks.

bamboo paper

3) Adobe Photoshop Elements


Adobe Photoshop Elements offers users numerous tools for graphic drawing along with the features for auto-generating images, videos, and slideshows. The users can opt for the step-by-step guiding by the software for the effortless organization for image editing.

adobe photoshop elements

Entertainment and Media

1) Spotify


Spotify is software for streaming music free of cost. This software application offers users numerous podcasts, tracks, and episodes. The users can browse their favorite music by using the name of the track, artist, albums, singer, and celebrities.


2) Audible


The audible software is offered by Amazon which offers users to download the audiobooks and save them on their system by using an internet connection. The users can use this service for viewing audiobook details, rating your audiobooks, chapter navigation, bookmarking, etc.


3) VLC


The VLC media player is free software for multimedia files. This open-source cross-platform also supports Audio CDs, VCDs, and DVDs. The users can enjoy watching the videos in up to 8K resolution and streaming the videos online using the filtering facility available on this software. The videos can also be compressed by using numerous methods offered by this application.


Photo Editor

1) PhotoDirector 10 Essential


PhotoDirector 10 Essential software offers users to edit images professionally without any prior knowledge. The AI tools, customizable and Express Layer templates offered by this tool can be used for combining the images for editing and retouching the portrait to optimize the image.

photodirector 10 essential

2) Affinity Photo


Affinity Photo is a photo editing software that offers users to work on more than one image synchronously and merging HDR photos. This application provides the option for the 360-degree editing of the images and is currently available for the Windows, macOS, and iOS platforms.

affinity photo


1) Microsoft To-Do


Microsoft To-Do is software offered by the Microsoft Team for the management of tasks. The users can add the tasks in the application and manage them as per their requirements. A notification is generated about the special days and important tasks in due time.

microsoft to do

2) Slack


Slack application has been designed to be used as a business platform for messaging and to integrate and streamline communication. This application provides transparency among the cross-team and increased natural business productivity. The users can create channels for communication for mobile and desktop. Slack offers easy sharing of files and flexible browsing on the system.


3) LibreOffice


LibreOffice is an open-source application for calculating, analyzing, and managing data. This software also provides statistical and banking functions for creating formulas and performing complex calculations using the data. The users can also create dynamic charts which can update when the data is modified.



1) Dropbox


Dropbox offers a personal cloud storage system, synchronization of the files, client software, and file hosting services to the user. The users can collaborate with the team for doing the projects while working in a team. This application offers storage of files up to 50GB and safe syncing of the data on all the devices.



1) Revo Uninstaller


Revo Uninstaller is a software utility program that offers users to remove unwanted software and applications from the system. This software can remove multiple applications at a single time, junk files and unnecessary files of the software, stubborn programs, and even the popular extensions provided by the web browser.


2) Recuva


Recuva is an application program that offers to recover the data from the hard drive, memory cards, floppy disks, iPods, MP3 players, etc. from the system with Windows 10 operating system. This software can easily retrieve the data from the damaged and newly formatted drives deleted and damaged disks. Users can also use this application to restore unsaved documents in MS Word.


3) EaseUS Todo backup


EaseUS Todo backup application offers the cloning of the smaller hard disk drive into a larger hard drive, HDD to SSD to increase the performance of the system. The users can also use this application to back up the system or restore the deleted data from the system.



The above-listed applications can be used by the user having Windows 10 operating system installed on the system to increase productivity, for communication, recovery, entertainment, and other purposes.