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4 Must have Tools to start a YouTube channel

Posted in Best Apps   LAST UPDATED: SEPTEMBER 27, 2023

    What tools do YouTubers use? Or the real question is what do we need to start a YouTube channel and become a successful YouTuber? Anyone can start a YouTube channel but not everyone can become successful. There are professional YouTubers who use tools that help them create amazing and professional videos, but some of these tools are costly and it is not always possible for a beginner to afford them.

    But you don't need to worry, because I have listed down some amazing tools that are easy to use and anyone can use them free of cost. They will help you to start and grow your YouTube channel and become a successful YouTuber.

    best Youtube tools

    Let's see the tools.

    1. VidIQ - Channel Analytics

    VidIQ is a website that helps channels to grow on YouTube. It helps to analyze other videos and show you the keywords to rank higher in YouTube ranking. VidIQ has helped many creators build an audience, grow views, and succeed.

    Some features of VidIQ:

    1. Scorecard: It shows quick analytics of any video or channel, ranking keywords for SEO, social engagements, and Video tags. It also suggests video tags that can be useful. So whenever you are posting a new video on YouTube first check what should be the title and description and what tags can help you rank the video easily.

    2. Competitors: You can add other creators who make the same content as your competitors and then VidIQ will show you their Highest viewed video, views per hour, subscriber growth, etc. to help you understand what type of content you must create if you have a similar audience.

    3. Channel audit: VidIQ's channel audit is a powerful tool that shows how a channel is performing. You can get many insights from it that can help you choose the right direction for your YouTube channel.

    VidIQ has many more features like the ones listed above that have helped many creators build their audience and become successful YouTubers.

    vidiq for youtube

    2. Canva - For Thumbnails

    YouTube thumbnails play a very important role in the video's success. Every new user will first view your thumbnail, and then decide whether he/she wants to watch the video or not. Canva is a very powerful platform that can be used to create social media graphics like thumbnails for YouTube, stories for Instagram, Posters, Channel Header art, etc.

    It has thousands of pre-designed templates that you can use to create YouTube thumbnails.

    Canva is a very easy-to-use and you can create a thumbnail in less than 5 minutes. All you have to do is, pick a template, upload your image, set a catchy title for the video and you are ready to download the thumbnail.

    Canva is FREE to use but it comes with a paid plan too. With premium, you can have millions of stock photos, graphics, icons, etc. to use, and you get access to a number of image processing tools too, like removing background, adding filters, blur effects, etc.

    canva for youtube

    3. Audio Editor - Audacity

    Audio is an important part of a video. Video can be related to anything, a tutorial, news reporting, music video, etc. every video should have good quality and crisp audio with less background noise.

    Clear and quality audio sounds professional and makes video watching enjoyable. No one wants to watch a video with disturbing sound and low audio quality.

    Audacity is an open-source and easy-to-use audio software that helps to record, edit, and mix audio. It's FREE and a very popular software that everyone uses to record music, podcasts, and many more things. It is a very powerful tool that can make your YouTube videos better.

    Feature of Audacity:

    • Import multiple audio tracks

    • Use its noise reduction feature to reduce background noise and the humming sound of air.

    • Cut or edit the audio

    • Use Equalizer for audio tuning

    • And then you can export the file in .mp3, .wav, etc. formats easily.

    SPECIAL MENTION: If you just want to improve the audio quality - just reduce background noise and improve the overall quality, then you can use this new Adobe tool - (I use it for my YouTube videos too.)

    4. Video Editor

    Every YouTuber needs a video editor that can edit videos. Any type of video needs editing to create the best out of it. We can add text, animations, graphics, effects, background music, and use filters and graphics that can make your video better.

    Here are some of the best video editors that you can choose to edit videos:

    4.1. Filmora: Filmora is an easy-to-use software for both beginners and professionals. You can create high-quality videos with tons of effects. It comes with a free and paid plan.

    4.2. Adobe Premiere Pro: Adobe Premiere Pro is the best video editor for Windows and Mac used by professionals. It can be difficult for beginners to use it initially, but it is the most powerful video editor. You can learn the basics by using its FREE version and can edit any type of video in it.

    4.3. iMovie: iMovie is an editing software for Mac users. You can easily edit any video with its easy-to-use interface. It's FREE to use for Mac and iOS users. The only downside is you can't use iMovie for Windows, so you need another option that gives you a similar editing experience on PC.

    4.4. Kinemaster: Kinemaster is the best video editor for Android users. You can create and edit any video with effects, background music, and text effects. Kinemaster is like a Premiere Pro for Android. It's free to use and export high-quality videos. Many YouTubers use Kinemaster as their video editor.

    5. Bonus Tools

    Here are some additional tools and websites that will help you in different ways to run your YouTube channel.

    5.1. Remove.Bg: If you want to remove the background from your image to use it in your YouTube thumbnail, then you can use this website.

    5.2. Vita App: If you want to edit short videos for YouTube shorts or for Instagram Reels, then this app is for you. This is a mobile application that makes video editing super easy.

    5.3. YouTube Studio: This is an official app of YouTube that you can use to better manage your YouTube channel.

    5.4. ChatGPT: You can use ChatGPT to improve your video script, and get information about the topic on which you are creating the video. It is a great tool to gather information and even helps you generate a proper video script.


    Start using these tools to create content and grow your YouTube channel faster. You will find many more tools on the Internet that will make a lot of things easy for you. So be smart and start using these tools.

    All the best for your YouTube journey.

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