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5 Reasons Linux Can Help You Become a Smarter Student

Posted in Programming   LAST UPDATED: MAY 2, 2019

    Being an enrollee university usually means having plenty of expenses and stress. Yet there are ways where a collegian can actually save some money and enjoy schooling in general. One of the strategies that may aid relates to using a computing device. To be specific, if a person enrolled in college is on a tight budget and needs a PC, he or she might want to install Linux operating system or some version of it like Ubuntu.

    Besides, working with this OS has a lot of benefits. But it's quite understandable why someone wouldn't use it right away. After all, it's an OS that isn't used by the majority. Still, it pays to know why many favour it.

    Understanding the percentage of users who prefer the free system means pursuing further. There are articles online that have facts about it, show all pros and cons written by Linux enthusiasts.

    Reading about people's experiences regarding the OS should only be a part of what you ought to try doing. It's the same in using a free online plagiarism checker with a percentage to verify truths. The point is that people have to know about the software system itself.

    why learn linux OS

    To know at least 5 reasons behind people's preference of the OS stated, continue reading.

    Be a Savvy Cheapskate

    Many have their own personal computers but it doesn't mean that these devices are cheap. The cheapest Windows computer usually costs hundreds of USD. For the Mac, one might need at least $1000 to buy the most inexpensive model. With the Linux system software, a person only needs to spend on hardware for computing. Choosing it is often considered to be one of the ways of how to become a better student.

    • Because of it, an individual might have the opportunity to reduce the cost of schooling. There are plenty of machines that manufacturers sell without the operating system included. Plus, it could actually be more helpful to pick a device that doesn't come with any piece of software. With a fresh PC, customization is possible.

    • Apart from the facts outlined, a lot of Linux distributions are better than the Windows and the macOS. Installing them can help a person have a custom desktop, laptop or even mobile experience. They might not have pre-installed commercial software but can have more programs.

    • Because of a Linux OS or distribution, an academic pupil can have more cash to use on essentials. Food, fares, accommodation, and leisure are quite expensive nowadays.

    Use a Convenient System

    Specific academies make use of The Linux Schools Project while others go for Ubuntu. In any case, a lot operate distributions based on Linux due to the features that make it easy to handle. Because of their offers, colleges adopt them as devices' foundation.

    • Developers built some distributions to improve user performance. There are likewise for those who focus on design. For the most part, these distributions come with Linux and plenty of useful apps. Selecting any of those installed could provide convenience. They are already ready for service and might only need a little tweaking.

    • Its command line or terminal has many commands but it isn't essential to memorize them all. The most useful office applications are usually bundled with Linux distributions too. This means that installing programs and heavy customization might not even be necessary anymore.

    why learning linux can make you a smart student

    Mastering it is Possible

    It might take a while before a person achieves the mastery of working on Linux. But getting used to the interface and operations is possible. The starting point for most if not all distributions are the terminal.

    Yet commands for it are actually not difficult to find and remember.

    • By inputting man in the command line, you would have access to the manuals. In cyberspace, though, there are even lists of the most essential commands. It might look and feel different than other popular operating systems but it's like any other OS. Windows and macOS users who'd give it a chance won't have a hard time maneuvering it because of the interface.

    • Being on Linux for weeks or even only days can already make an individual skilled at it. Because of the free guides and online manuals, it's easy to understand how things = work. Mind that there are people who have Linux in schools and many students recommend it.

    It makes you Smart

    Since many are saying that it has a steep learning curve, knowing how to manipulate it can impress people. But the reality is that you would be clever when you would like and operate it. An individual using Linux becomes a user who knows how to use commands and is knowledgeable about an OS.

    Being intelligent in the mentioned operating system can boost one's credentials too. There are companies that are searching for individuals who can use Linux. This means that it's possible for someone to have more opportunities after using it.

    Free Help for it is Available

    There are communities dedicated to supporting those operating Linux. Discussion boards, wikis and other websites to explain and recommend it are accessible. After searching for them through websites like Google, you'll find that there are many. Furthermore, plenty of users also have tutorials on it, in video, audio, or document format.

    Learners who prefer to study by reading textbooks can also buy books about the OS too. Different authors write materials on Linux for students and finding them is easy.

    All in all, it is up to you, what operating system to use. However, remember that utilizing Linux can be beneficial for your current and future studies and career in general.

    Published by: abhishek7007