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6 Amazing Machine Learning Applications in The Real World

    The past few years have seen an exponential boom in the use of Artificial Intelligence for solving real-world problems. You may not even distinguish whether you are dealing with an AI interface instead of a human in some cases. Although AI is quite far from taking an actual human-like decision, it has made a decent progress, thanks to Machine Learning.

    Machine Learning is the process by which machines learn to take decisions based on cognition, which is quite similar to how humans learn about the same.

    There are a few real-life examples that stand out in the plethora of AI applications that we can experience today. Let’s discuss them here:

    1. Traffic Predictions

    traffic prediction using ML

    Machine learning algorithms monitor the location of our vehicles through the data transmitted by GPS navigation system installed within cars, trucks, and buses. It then finds patterns and predicts the traffic congestion levels based on its learning. Although in a nascent phase due to the less number of vehicles equipped with GPS and connected to a central server, it is set to become a common thing in the recent future.

    2. Data Security

    Using ML in data security

    The key again is finding patterns and trends, based on which the ML algorithm learns the behavior in every iteration that it undergoes. It has been found through data research that most malware and computer viruses utilize a similar code in every new version. The ML learning algorithm can find the pattern and predict the next iteration after a level that can help in making robust security measures and antivirus software.

    3. AI Virtual Assistants

    using AI/ML as virtual assistant

    Everyone knows about Cortana, Siri, and Alexa which have gained massive popularity in the past few years. Many of us have experienced using their assistance in our daily lives, and have simplified it to some extent through Amazon Echo, Google Allo, and the likes. Instead of finding some app or file on our device or even finding a restaurant to go today or find that particular dress in the nearest store, simply ask your assistant for that. Your assistant learns about your habits and likes/dislikes and suggests you the most appropriate result. They are fast learning the semantics of your queries too.

    4. Personal Security

    Using ML for Personal Security

    Places like airports, concert halls, auditoriums, game stadiums, and malls require stringent security measures to ensure the safety of the visitors. Current security measures require human monitoring that paves the way for inadvertent human errors that can lead to potential security breaches and risks. Machine learning is helping these public venues to tighten the security and mitigate the instances of security attacks.

    5. Online Search

    Using AI/ML for online search based applications

    Whether you have experienced other entries in this list or not, you would definitely have searched for something on the Google search engine. With every search, Google learns about your preferences and habits through machine learning so that the results that it shows you for your queries are personalized to suit your demands. In a way, Google understands you and assists you at a personal level.

    6. Marketing Personalization Product Recommendations

    using ML in marketing strategies personalization

    It’s a common wisdom that marketing is all about the customer. Companies make products keeping their ideal customer in mind. They hire expensive marketing agencies to conduct market research for gaining insights into their consumers’ minds and also create their campaigns based on that. Here, AI has started to play a commanding role because it collects user data from all digital channels and segregates users through machine learning. This way, companies can make better products that match the users’ tastes.


    It can be said without a doubt that Artificial Intelligence will be an integral part of human society in the future and with machine learning algorithms, machines are becoming smarter by the day. These technologies are here to help the humans become advanced at an exponential rate.

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