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8 Reason Why You Should Learn SQL in 2022

Posted in Programming   LAST UPDATED: FEBRUARY 17, 2022

    Why You Should Learn SQL

    You might be pronouncing SQL as "sequel" while others pronounce it as "SQL". The full form of SQL is Structured Query Language, which is a standard language used for database maintenance widely by performing operations such as retrieval and manipulation of data stored in a database.

    SQL had begun in the 1970s. And after its long stint in the market, the question that harbours around it today is whether the demand and significance of SQL continue in 2022 as well?

    Here, in this article, we will answer the major questions hovering around the topic of SQL in 2022.

    SQL is not only a programming language. By considering it as logical sets it also allows us to work with data, just like joins in SQL follow the concept of the Venn diagram.

    What is SQL?

    Structure Query Language(SQL) is a database query language used for storing and managing data in Relational DBMS. SQL was the first commercial language introduced for E.F Codd's Relational model of the database. Today almost all RDBMS(MySql, Oracle, Infomix, Sybase, MS Access) use SQL as the standard database query language. SQL is used to perform all types of data operations in RDBMS.

    Now, let us see some of the reasons why we should learn SQL in 2022.

    1. Not Limited To Programming Tasks Only

    SQL breaks the stereotype of the other programming language as you can use it in the marketing or sales team to look through their data by executing a few queries on the dataset. Like seeing the trend of their sales or marketing campaigns.

    Learn SQL

    Also, because of its beneficial financial analysis that helps in saving a lot of time while going through the finance data, it becomes very useful for the finance sector as well.

    2. Support from Most Data Technology for SQL

    Everyone has to be updated with the updating technology to survive in the tech industry. SQL comes as a friend in the phase of learning new technology as most of the data-oriented technologies uses SQL interface. All the aspects of technology possess data thus it is important for them to support SQL in some form or another.

    That being said, learning SQL will probably come in handy while working on any data or data driven-technology, so it is a Win-Win situation.

    3. Facilitates Handling Huge Amounts of Structured Data

    We all know how valuable data is today. This valuable data has to be managed and stored efficiently. Many sectors have gone from physical to completely virtual by 2022 due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. The papers are now getting replaced by pdfs, books by ebooks and the registers are getting replaced by excel sheets.


    Thus arises the need for the efficient management of all the data.

    Performing various operations like getting columns based on certain filter criteria from the huge database and even editing it can be efficiently performed by the SQL queries.

    4. For Data Analytics

    The processing and interpretation of data to get some important information out of it thus helping to solve a problem or answer a question is what Data Analysis is all about. One of the most in-demand skills in the skill set for a Data Analyst is SQL. The main reason for this is as data analysis includes working with a humongous amount of data and performing manipulation on it. The stakeholders can easily analyse the data and make strategic business decisions by analyzing the trends of the business.

    5. Best Thing For Data Mining

    SQL helps in mining useful data from a pool of datasets when large data sets come into the picture. You can perform operations such as Estimation, Classification Clustering, and Forecasting using the data mining platform provided by the SQL server so that data can be classified and figures can be estimated. This estimation can be for some information such as predicting the price of stocks from the past data and forecasting it to analyze if you should go with stock or not.


    You can make an organization more proactive and knowledge-based by the useful information extracted while data mining thus the organization will have logical aspects and studies along with it to go through the recent market trends and future trend predictions.

    6. Pursuing Data Science as a Career

    You would have come across the saying that Data Science is the sexiest job of the 21st century if you are interested in Data Science or want to pursue a career in it.

    Why learn SQL

    Data scientists are taken in to explore the data by diving into oceans of patterns and discoveries and the starter skill to do all of this is SQL.

    To manage the relational databases, Big data platforms use SQL as their primary API.

    7. In-Demand Skill

    SQL helps in upskilling the career be it a developer, a product manager, or a business analyst. SQL is the most in-demand skill according to the job portals as it is robust and easy to learn programming language. As it goes hand in many top technical, as well as top financial giants, ask for SQL.

    One predictable thing in the unpredictable times of the pandemic is that learning SQL is a big yes for 2022.

    8. High Paying Jobs

    The job market looks good for SQL enthusiasts from startups to established companies and it is expected to grow exponentially in the coming years. In all geographies, SQL programmers/Developers have good opportunities.

    Here, we have a graph for the SQL Developer salary trend in the UK

    SQL graph

    So these were some of the top reasons why you should learn SQL in 2022.

    Let us know why you would want to learn SQL in the comment section.

    All the best.

    Published by: Amundra