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8 Top Internet Archive Websites

Posted in Tricks   LAST UPDATED: MAY 27, 2021

    Internet Archive Websites are used by many peoples for accessing the deleted data of the websites, for creating business strategies against competitors. These websites give you the power to see history of a site and how it developed in previous years or check various archived internet pages.

    best internet archive websites

    Internet Archive Website lets you go back in time to see what websites looked like in the past or what data was displayed on a website before the current version. These sites are very useful and are considered a digital archive of the World Wide Web.

    In this article, we are going to list some popular Internet Archive Websites. These websites have many other features too, so go through this list to find out the best internet archive websites.

    1. WEBSITE

    Due to its user-friendly interface, has become a popular archive service. One of the best reasons for choosing this site is because of its bookmarklet. If you drag and drop the bookmarklet button on the screen into your browser's bookmarks bar, you can easily navigate to any page and if you want a screenshot, simply tap on the bookmarklet.


    • This site archives the screenshot and code of a web browser.

    • It has a huge database.

    • It allows you to even share & download results.

    • Archive website anytime, anywhere.


    2. Pagefreezer

    Pagefreezer web archiver

    Pagefreezer offers you lots of functionality that is useful for extending your business by monitoring your competitors. Just sign up and you’re In! Pagefreezer is one of the most reliable and comfortable web history checker tools that provide results instantly.


    • It consists of online marketing tools

    • Collects dynamic web content in real-time.

    • Capture the screenshots of internal social media networks.

    • Management and collection of online content.

    • Access history of the website on demand.


    3. ITools

    iTools web archiver

    If you are searching for internet archive websites that offer more than just screenshots, then ITools is best suited for you. ITools is filled with unique features. The website is popular for its advanced website scanning. Useful results such as Alexa Rank, Contact Information, Popularity are also shown on the site.


    • It is a website archive.

    • Analyzes any website.

    • You can access the database of Alexa through it.


    4. Domain Tools

    Domain Tools web archive website

    With two main websites incorporated into it, Domain Tools is yet another site. The two other websites are Screenshots and Whois. Domain Tools provides users with the simplest method to access a website's history. On their website, you can check any site's history in form of screenshots, means you can find out how the design and data of the site have changed over the years.

    Whois records all the important data of the site such as contact details of the site's owner, the registration date of the domain, its IP address history, and more.


    • It can access to all the information on the website.

    • Get information about the site’s IP address, records, and hosting history.

    • A free screenshot-based internet archive service is available on the website.


    5. Actiance(Smarsh)

    Actiance web archives

    The Actiance app helps companies to capture and archive electronic communications. It's similar to the sites like Wayback Machine which supports 80 plus channels.


    • Actiance capture all important communications.

    • Production, package, and delivery of content-on-demand is available

    • The analytics dashboard is offered for better visualization of data.

    • Considered one of the best archive websites that include advanced as well as proximity search across all channels.

    • Reporting is comprehensive and customizable.


    6. Stillio

    Stillio tool

    Stillio is a tool that automatically stores the snapshots of websites, archives and shares them with other users. Website history is easily managed which saves lots of time. It has a very modern user interface.


    • Customized duration of screenshot frequencies.

    • Multiple URL is added at once.

    • Screenshots can be saved to Dropbox.

    • Promotes URL sharing.

    • URL is filtered by domain.


    7. TimeTravel

    Time Travel

    TimeTravel, as the name suggests, is a website that lets you see how websites looked in the past. Moreover, one of its unique feature is, you can also enter the time details, to search very specific time durations.


    • The entire server is searched to look for web pages.

    • A bar chart is displayed which shows the components that are tested and are missing.

    • Focuses on different elements like texts, images, style sheets, and much more.

    • TimeTravel self archives the website’s material


    8. Alexa

    Alexa website

    Alexa, show history!! Well, as the name suggests you might have recognized this website. As a part of, Alexa offers a website's full information and along with various other metrics.


    • Users can get access to a site's history and historical data.

    • Full information about audience insights, competitive benchmarking, engagement matrix, Alex rank, and traffic statistics is provided.

    • Extraordinary insights are offered.



    As you dream of going back to the history of the website, you must read about these websites that offer extraordinary features to what you are looking for.

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