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9 Reasons Why Python is So Popular

Posted in Programming   LAST UPDATED: NOVEMBER 10, 2022

    Python is one of the fastest-growing and oldest languages. It is used in almost all types of development areas.

    It is being used in:

    • Web Development
    • Data Science
    • Machine Learning
    • Much more like this.

    Python allowed developers to use a single programming language for multiple purposes.

    It is so easy to read, learn and use that a beginner can also understand it better.

    Is it the only reason for the popularity of Python?

    Absolutely No.

    In this guide, we will know why Python is so Popular with Developers in 2022.

    Why python is popular?

    Why Python is so Popular with Developers in 2022

    1) First choice of beginners to Learn

    Python was developed 30 years ago and has grown in popularity and use.

    When you search on Google "Most Popular Programming language", you'll see Google telling you that "Python is the most popular and easy programming language."

    Now, almost all of us did that when we were all beginners and everyone does that today too.

    If you ask an experienced developer, which programming language to learn as the first language? he/she will surely tell you to Learn Python as it is very simple to learn and understand.

    It brings us to the next reason why python is popular.

    2) It's Easy to Learn and Use

    If we compare Python programs with programs in other languages then you will notice a huge difference in the lines of code being used.

    Python is so simple that anyone can learn it in a very small amount of time. It has a very easy and simplified syntax that doesn't complicate the program.

    Guido van Rossum created Python, he made sure to make Python an easily readable and faster language. It's one of the main reasons behind the popularity of Python with developers.

    3) Great and supportive Community

    Python has been around for almost 30 years and this time a big enough for a community to grow and become mature.

    Developers love Python and there are a lot of helpful documentation, text, and video tutorials available to learn Python.

    If someone has an issue developing in Python then there are many Developers who would like to help. If a programming language lacks a good community then there is a chance of not getting help for your issues.

    Python has the most active developer community that any other language has. Problems and errors arise and it happens with every developer, it's very important to have a helpful community that will help you solve the problem and get the project done.

    It's so much easy to learn that you can learn it without installing additional software. We have an interactive Python course that will make you a Professional Developer.

    4) Hundreds of Python Libraries and Frameworks

    Programming doesn't mean writing code from scratch. It will be so time-consuming and will take a lot of time to get the project completed. that's why there are Python libraries and frameworks.

    Python libraries are just the pre-built components that you can use to develop programs without writing the entire code from scratch.

    Python has a large collection of libraries, some of them are:

    Let's look at each of them and where we should use them-

    1) NumPy

    NumPy is a Python library that helps in working with arrays. It provides a multidimensional array and tools to work on these arrays.

    NumPy helps in scientific calculations and mathematical operations. It is an open-source library and has a large collection of mathematical functions.

    2) Matplotlib

    Matplotlib helps us to understand the data with the help of graphical visualizations.

    Matplotlib has built-in functions that can be used to draw all kinds of plots.

    3) SciPy

    SciPy stands for Scientific Python. it is built on top of the NumPy library that is used in mathematics, science, and engineering.

    5) Python Made Automation simple

    There are lots of small tasks that you need to do repetitively multiple times.

    With help of Python and its libraries, it allows us to make scripts that help us to automate those tasks without us doing anything.

    Scripts are just some lines of code that are made with the help of Python libraries.

    Suppose you want to get information about a company from Google. You can easily create a web scraping script that will automatically collect all the related information of that company and put it in an Excel sheet.

    That's why, we call it a general-purpose language, it is used in almost all kinds of development.

    6) Versatility, Efficiency, Reliability, and Speed

    Python is a very versatile language, you can develop python projects in any environment. You can use it in software development, Desktop development, Website Development, and many more.

    Python is faster than most programming languages. Every Professional developer knows how efficient and reliable Python is. Python is literally applicable to most Computer Science skills.

    If you are a beginner and want to learn to program then you should consider learning Python as your first programming language.

    7) Academics Teach Python

    As we've seen, Python is a versatile language, you can use Python in the most High-Demand skills. In Academics, there are some courses like -

    That are thought entirely using Python. Most of them use Python as the introductory course for Software Developers. It has become a fundamental part of programming and development.

    Schools and Colleges tend to teach Python and they can't afford to not teach Python as It has a High Demand.

    8) Best Companies in the World use Python

    When a Big company uses a Programming language then that programming language must have something that the others lack.

    There are languages like PHP that is used by FaceBook or Java that is backed by Oracle and Sun.

    Similarly, Python is used in one of the Best tech companies like :

    • Google
    • Facebook
    • Instagram
    • Spotify
    • Quora
    • Netflix
    • Dropbox
    • Reddit

    Python is Google's official server-side language along with Java, C++, and Go. Guido van Rossum who created Python worked at Google from 2005 to 2012.

    9) The Flexibility of Python Language

    Python doesn't restrict you, you can try to build anything with Python. Only Python has this kind of Flexibility and Versatility.

    A Professional Python developer is not limited to building the same things, he/she can try learning something new or build something new.


    These are some of the reasons why Python is popular and why it is used by most developers. If you don't know where to start learning Python, we have an Interactive course on Python that will make you Professional Python Developer with a Professional Certificate.

    Related Questions

    1). What are the three benefits of Python?

    1. Flexibility
    2. Easy to learn
    3. High Demand

    2). Why is Python better than any other language?

    Python is a general-purpose language unlike other languages and it comes with tons of features like simplicity, a Huge community, etc.

    3). Where is Python used in everyday life?

    1. Machine Learning and AI
    2. Web Development
    3. Data Analytics
    4. Game Development
    5. IoT
    6. Application Development,
    7. Game Development

    4). What are the cons of Python?

    1. It's slow during the execution
    2. It's difficult to switch to another programming language
    3. weak in mobile application development
    4. high memory consumption
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