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Agile Techniques You Should Involve In Your Project

 APRIL 10, 2019   by damon

If you are like most successful individuals, then your goal should be to always make your next project more efficient. Well, if you feel like your current system isn’t working out or needs improvement, then consider agile project management. In case this isn’t a term that you are too familiar with, see how it can help you below.

What is Agile Project Management(APM)?

Before going any further, you first need to be able to answer the question, what is agile project management? To put it simply, APM is a value-driven approach to project management. The focus here is to break down projects into smaller developmental cycles. As a result, teams are then able to release these "sprints" as they are completed.

The main components of APM are that teams are constantly working together, evaluating, and improving their work. Due to this, those who utilize Agile are able to consistently produce high-quality results as a team. This is a methodology that can work for professional software engineer teams as well as students in colleges pursuing masters.

The Twelve Principles of APM

  • The customer’s satisfaction is key

  • This requires both developers and clients (including major stakeholders) to work together continuously

  • Due to this, change – even in later stages of development–is always welcome

  • The key to quality work lies within self-organized teams

  • These teams will be made up of self-motivated individuals that will power the project

  • Individuals involved in the project must be able to maintain a consistent pace

  • This can be managed by maximizing the work not done and focusing on simplicity

  • Face-to-face meetings are deemed essential and efficient

  • Attention to technical quality and high-quality design is of the utmost importance

  • There is a constant emphasis on evaluation and how to improve the product

  • The software should be delivered every few weeks or months–whenever a stage is completed

  • The overall efficiency of the end product will determine success

How Relying on APM can Benefit You

Once you have gone through all the information above, it may strike you that the Agile methodology steps are markedly different from what you are used to. Therefore, it stands to reason that you would question whether they are benefits involved in such a methodology.

What most individuals are pleased with when implementing Agile is the fact that it allows for continuous improvement. Since you will be constantly analyzing how each stage works, it is easier to catch mistakes. In turn, you can improve the project every step of the way.

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Finding the right APM Frameworks

The thing to keep in mind regarding APM is that it isn't a one-fit-for-all type of system. As mentioned above, the main structure is broken up into different kinds of frameworks. From these, you need to figure out which ones will be most useful to your project.

How to Implement specific APM Methodologies

Since you are engaged in software development, the following methodologies will prove to be most useful to you:

1. Scrum

This is arguably the best-known methodology in APM. Here, the product owner and team will collaborate and identify top features and objectives of the project. These will be added to what is known as a product backlog and prioritized according to the timeline. At the end of thirty days, these features will be analyzed and then improved as necessary.

2. Extreme Programming (XP)

Unlike Scrum, Extreme Programming lasts no more than several weeks. The highlight of this approach involves heightened collaboration, quick feedback, and constant revision of the work. This framework typically involves incredibly close contact with the customer. For the most part, this is to ensure that the project can be executed within a shorter period of time.

3. Dynamic Software Development Method

With DSDM, developers are given a bit more time than XP but not much. With this particular method, the relationship between the users and the developers is a bit stronger. This is because developers have greater autonomy regarding the project, as long as it benefits the usability of the software.

This is what you need to know about APM and the top frameworks to include in your projects. By introducing the right APM methodologies into your project, you and your team are sure to notice a marked improvement in the end result.


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