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Are Engineering Colleges in India even bothered about Education?

 DECEMBER 19, 2017   by iamabhishek

An Engineer is someone who grows up to become an inventor or a creator or maybe help the inventors and creators of the world to create or invent something new, which the world never saw or never even thought about. But to do that, the engineer has to be capable of doing such things. And to become capable, proper education and training are required. But considering the current situation of education in India, I don't think that India can produce good engineers. Now many of you might contradict me on this, saying that you are an Engineer, and you are good at it, but that would be because you worked hard, not your college.

Although the Engineering college boom of 2010 is over during which everyone who could manage to construct 4 rooms was opening an Engineering and Managment college, and were promising 100% job assurance to get admissions. Which led to in-flow of thousands of new Engineers in the software industry with a poor skill set and high expectations. Private colleges are only concerned about a handsome fee structure while government colleges are not concerned about anything, as they will still be able to pay their employees by digging a hole in government's education ministry's pocket.

Let's try to understand the problem by discussing about various stakeholders of this industry.

1. The Curriculum

I don't know when it was created, but I know for sure it is not good enough for 2018. But can we do anything about it? The answer is No. When will the college authorities understand that students should at least know what they are becoming and what they will be doing in the afterlife? Most of the engineering college students know nothing about what will a company offering them a job expect them to do. They are like John Snow, they know nothing, but they are brave.

For example, A Computer Engineer is tossed in front of 40 odd subjects in the 8 semesters of an engineering college, rather than giving the student a chance to explore their choice of technology and only focus on it. A student may find Web development very interesting, while others may want to go for Software development using Core Java or become an Android Developer or create a new Cryptocurrency on the blockchain, but our colleges don't' give a f**k about it. It's meant to leave you confused at the end of 4 years.

2. The Teachers

It's not necessary to hire an M.Tech student to teach B.Tech students. A good teacher is someone who has practical experience in technologies that he/she is teaching so that they guide their students about every aspect of the subject. But this is very rare characteristic to find. Yes, teachers in IIT are experienced, but do even they put that extra effort to explore what a student desires?

3. The Time Table

Attending a class from 9 am to 5 pm is a rule that is followed everywhere. But is it required? A great education researcher once said, "No two students are same, biologically, physically or intellectually, then why our education system expects that every student would like to learn Maths, or Physics during the same time of the day." He further said, "The concept of Time Table is ruining our education system". Now, this was said in the context of kids studying in school, but here we are talking about Teenagers who are experiencing youth, which amplifies the problem exponentially.

4. The Exposure

I would just say, keeping this short and crisp; Don't you think some industrial training would be a good add-on? Some colleges have this, while most don't.

And at the end of all this, who has to suffer. The Student. The college will get new students to repeat this all over again, the students who devote 4 years of their lives are left confused, in a harsh world, with no Job.

These look like just 4 points but if changed would bring about a massive change in the system. But it will take a long time for anything to change. In the meantime, we encourage all the Engineering students to not to stop learning and becoming capable for you are the future inventors and creators and as said by someone great-

"People of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things."

If any college administrator is reading this, and you think that all this is easy to say but difficult to implement, send an email to us at [email protected] and we will come to your college to help you solve the problem. We will teach the students if you would ask.


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