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NOVEMBER 2, 2023

5 Interactive Mobile Applications for Kids to Learn Coding

    Coding, also known as programming, is an exceptional skill to learn in 2023. As you know, technology is evolving by the day and the need for computers is rapidly increasing. To keep up with the changing trends of the world, it's important to help your children learn the basics of coding at an early age.

    In this modern age, being tech-savvy is a must. Therefore, it's your job as a parent to equip your child for the upcoming technological challenges. If you're wondering how to begin, you've come to the right place. In this article today, we'll introduce you to some amazing applications that can help your child learn the basics of coding, different programming languages, and more.

    coding for kids

    The Best Coding Applications for Kids/Beginners

    According to experts, children can start learning coding as early as age seven. That being said, a variety of applications are specifically designed for beginners, especially children who know nothing about coding. From introducing your child to the era of computers to helping them understand coding, they cover everything step-by-step.

    Not to mention, they're pretty safe, so you don't have anything to worry about. On top of that, you can always use parental control software to monitor your child's online activities.

    The great thing is that there are several parental control applications available these days. For example, if your child uses a Windows device, you can install a parental control app for Windows and keep tabs on their online activities. Similarly, for Apple, you can monitor the iPhone usage with parental control applications. It's quite simple, making it stress-free for parents to allow their children to digitally learn and grow.

    1. Lightbot

    The first one for today is Lightbot. As you know, learning a new skill can sometimes be hard, especially when you’re not aware of the basics. Thus, one must find lighter ways to learn and shine. If your child is not aware of the basics of coding, I suggest you make him start with Lightbot. It’s a programming puzzle game that will help him learn a lot, and that too, without burdening him with tons of information.

    It is specifically designed for beginners and people of all age groups, including children. In this game, your child will come across a few blocks and a robot. The goal is to light up different blocks on different levels with the help of the robot. It becomes challenging as one moves higher, from one level to another. It’s available on all Android, iOS, and Amazon application stores.

    coding for kids

    2. Kodable

    If your child is older than 4 and younger than 11, Kodable is what you must make them try. It's another excellent programming platform that can help your child learn coding from step one. It is again a very light platform to learn coding effortlessly. It brings along a range of interactive and educational programming games. Besides helping your children learn coding, it also allows them to design their own characters and build new games.

    It's safe to say that the learning environment that Kodable provides is highly conducive to your child's learning and growing skills. It allows them to learn on a deeper level and gives them a great understanding of programming. It's available everywhere with an easy-to-use version that pretty much all devices support.

    coding for kids


    Another great platform to learn coding for your kids is Codemoji. It uses images to teach your children the basics of programming, covering JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. It also allows you to create animations, images, and websites of your own. In other words, it allows you (your child) to practically use all the coding skills it teaches. The best part is, that you can control your pace via pre-recorded lessons.

    From problem-solving to formulating effective solutions, Codemoji is incredibly beneficial in helping children learn to code and practice at the same time. Not to mention, the forum it brings along, which helps you to ask questions and help others around. The only downside is that it doesn't have a mobile application but its website is mobile-friendly. In case your child is more comfortable with a mobile phone instead of a laptop, s/he can always use a mobile browser to use Codemoji.

    coding for kids

    Code Monkey

    Ranking fourth is Code Monkey. It's another website that has yet to launch its app but it would be unfair not to mention it, given that it's one of the best platforms for kids to learn programming, and that too, in an interactive manner. It brings along a series of coding games. In every game, your child writes code to help the monkey get bananas. It's quite unique compared to other programming games as it doesn't allow you to get bored for even a second.

    All the games on Code Monkey are incredible and carefully designed to introduce your child to new programming concepts. Not to forget, the developers of this game have ensured that none of the games is overwhelming for children. They have added information in steps, making it all simple and easy to absorb.

    coding for kids


    Last but not least, we have Vidcode. It's a learn-to-code platform for children aged 11 and above. It comes with an attractive visual interface that makes learning programming fun and interactive for teen kids. As you know, teen kids are more about having fun than being in boring spaces. The developers of this platform surely understand that and they've designed everything accordingly.

    Furthermore, it not only helps children learn coding but also adds to their creativity and improves their thinking ability. In other words, it works well in improving the cognitive abilities of your child. Plus, it provides a lot of opportunities to experiment, which is again practically learning.

    coding for kids

    Studytonight is also a notable application to teach children to begin coding. They can start using the FREE interactive application to learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and create amazing websites.

    The Takeaway

    Making education fun is the goal when it comes to children. Needless to say, they can barely stand the sight of things that are boring. The coding platforms mentioned above are sure to help your child learn programming while staying engaged and focused every day. Thus, they're all a must to try!

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