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Best Programming Languages to Learn in 2019

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    Writing computer programs is considered to be the most significant skill in today's world. Every home, office, school, and college has the facility of computer because they are being used in almost every industry. Computers are available in different forms and shapes around us. They work as speedometer in bikes and autopilots in aircraft. The developer and programming community is evolving at a faster pace nowadays.

    Different new programming languages are being introduced every other day. They are suitable for different classes of developers as well as for various uses (distributed system, mobile applications, web applications, and game development, etc).

    Due to rising demand and with so many options of programming languages, people want to know about the best programming language to learn. Let's take a look at some of the most important development languages to build a better professional future.


    It's almost impossible to become a good software developer without knowing anything about JavaScript. So this is one of the key elements in the field of software development.

    According to the Stack Overflow's Developer Survey of 2018, 65% of the developers used JavaScript last year. Basically, JavaScript is a light-weighted scripting language that plays an important role in front-end development for web applications and now even deskop applications. This major language offers an easy way to produce interactive web pages. JavaScript is the most favored one due to its great compatibility with all major browsers. This particular language is considered to be the loveliest among beginners.


    Python is another rapidly growing programming language. This is also one of the top programming languages that one should focus on learning in the current year. You can see this in desktop applications, machine learning, web apps, media tools, network servers and more. It doesn’t seem to disappear in the future due to its excessive demand among developers.

    IT people working for site reliability engineering also find it beneficial for API’s and back-end services. Web development framework based on Python including Pyramid, Turbo Gear and Django have gained a lot more popularity in the recent era. It is a very good option to learn for beginners because it’s easy to read.


    Java is one of the best programming language when it comes to building enterprise software solution and all over the world all the major software development companies are working with Java. When we talk about any programming language, there are many frameworks written on top of it for easing the process of software development.

    In case of Java, the best framework currently is Spring Framework. So if you are getting into Java, do learn Spring framework too.

    Java can be used to write APIs, Android Apps, Desktop applications and Web applications too.


    This fact is no less than a surprise that PHP was created for maintaining Personal Home Page for Rasmus, but actually, it has taken over about 83% of the websites internationally by today. The Hypertext Preprocessor is a programming language used for general purposes. PHP is a scripting language that runs on a server and is used for creating webpages in HTML. The main reason behind its popularity is the free availability and easy usability for new programmers. It is very robust for all web developers across the globe. We developers use this to create dynamic web based applications on the website. The popular WordPress CMS is based on PHP.

    This prestigious language has been used in the development of a large number of websites. It has been used by the developers to create reliable and user-friendly academic platforms, one such platform I use most often to write my essay on time. I won't name the website, but it is very attractive, offering exceptional usability on all device types and is made entirely on PHP. Even Studytonight is made on PHP.


    C and C++ language area amongst the first few languages that every student learns. C and C++ is widely used for coding Operating system and Kernel level functionality. It is easy to learn but do not consider it useless just because it looks easy.


    iOS is one of the best operating system for mobile phones with iPhones capturing the world. If you want to develop native applications for iPhone you have to learn Swift and the market is huge for iOS apps.


    Programming has proved its worth as it increases the power of computer and internet in our daily life. It allows humans to communicate with the machine in a systematic format. It has no doubt that programming languages play a vital role in the success of students who opt to serve in the IT industry.

    There are many other languages that can be learned in order to make your future stress-free. A person looking to learn any particular programming language should be committed to cover all areas so that he can become an expert in his field.

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