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Download Twitter Videos

Posted in Tricks   SEPTEMBER 15, 2021

Despite Twitter not being a video-sharing social media platform, people still upload videos with their tweets. Often there are videos we would want to download and have on our local storage from Twitter. In the case of pictures from the tweet, you can easily download them or screenshot them. However, Twitter doesn't have an option for downloading videos, and screen capturing is not a viable solution.

Hence, Twitter makes it difficult for users to download a video from a tweet, and thus you have to share the whole tweet if you intend to share only the video. This article will discuss the procedure to download Twitter videos utilizing third-party services such as or SaveTweetVid.

1. Visit the Tweet

Firstly, you will have to go to the video on Twitter that you want to download. Whether you are on a smartphone or a PC, it doesn't matter, open up the Twitter app or the Twitter website on your web browser and visit the tweet that includes the video.

Locating the video posted with he Tweet

From reaction videos to personal videos, there are tons of videos flooding Twitter every day.

2. Copy the Video Link

After you have located the video on Twitter that you wanted to download, click on the Share icon below the video tweet and select the Copy link to Tweet option to get the URL of the video.

Getting Twitter Video URL

No matter what third-party service you are using to download the tweeted video, the URL is essential and needed to download and fetch any information on the video.

If you are on a PC, desktop web browser, you can right-click on the video and copy the video URL directly or copy the URL from the address bar at the top.

3. Using the Link to Download From:

There are plenty of third-party web services available to download a Twitter video. However, is a reliable service for downloading a video from any website using a URL. Along with Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook videos, you can also download a video from Twitter using Homepage

To do this, firstly, open your web browser and visit after you have copied the Twitter video link. Paste the URL in the text field, click on the Download button, and select a video format. Shortly, the video will start downloading and will be saved in the default download folder. You can even download the video in an MP3 format using



The site is mainly for downloading Twitter videos. The procedure is similar to using Just visit the SaveTweetVid website, paste the copied link, click on the Download button, select a video format, and hit download again.

Twitter Video Downloader

Twitter Video Downloader HomePage

As the name suggests, an alternative to SaveTweetVid, Twitter Video Downloader lets users download Twitter videos via the URL. Visit the Twitter Video Downloader website on your web browser, paste the copied link to the text field and click on the Download button. Select the video format you want to download and click on the download button again.


So, if you wanted to download Twitter videos from Twitter, firstly copy the URL of the tweet. Go to your web browser visits websites such as Twitter video downloader or Past the URL and hit the download button, and select a video format.