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Few New Trends in Web Development in 2018

 AUGUST 28, 2018   by iamabhishek

Almost every year there are new technological developments in web development and 2018 is yet another year that unfolds amazing news. Combined with web development are the new programming languages coming to the forefront as well as the designs and platforms to align with the user experience. It is, however, not easy to keep up with these trends as they keep evolving in a blink of an eye. From Progressive Web Apps to the new Java features, web development in 2018 means a business to users. This article unfolds a plethora of developments that caught our attention in 2018.

1. Mobile Web development is crucial

Many users are surfing the net on their mobile devices. Whether looking for the sites to stream their favorite movies on Netflix or to make a living out of it, mobile web development has become a hot trend in 2018. Companies strive to master mobile web development. The success of any online branding dwells in responsive mobile websites due to an increasing mobile traffic.

On average, over 80% of people have access to smart the mobile devices. So, surfing the net at the fingertips has become a new hobby. The mobile web development trends are also influencing web development companies to consider making desktop computers mobile friendly hence the Progressive Web Apps as highlighted below. Prospective web developers should learn how to create a website using HTML as well as how to optimize the website on mobile devices. The ease of web navigation with a single hand is prioritized.

2. The prominence of Progressive web apps

By offering security, speed, offline access and user-friendliness, progressive web apps have become more prominent in web development. These are regular web apps with regular web pages but with an integrated mobile interface. The aim is to close the gap between the desktop computers and mobile devices. With improved Java features for mobile application development, it is no longer about how web developers can make web content compatible with mobile devices but about how they can utilise the features available on the mobile phone via their apps. Google is leading the way in progressive web apps. These apps come with improved conversions and increased engagement and thus companies can benefit from them.

3. Compatibility of extensions across browsers

Remember when Google Chrome extensions were only used on Chrome and not on Mozilla Firefox? Web development brings us surprising digital computer news. Extensions are bits of code written in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to modify the web browser. They add features and improve the appearance of content. Now browser extensions are compatible with all the web browsers. Microsoft Edge, Chrome, and Firefox will be using the extensions, so if you can you should invest time in developing multi-browser extensions for a wider reach.

4. The revival of real-time web apps

Although real-time apps are not a new thing, they are gaining popularity in this era as they provide faster user interactions. Users share info instantly. The connection between the server and the client is always open thus negating a manual check of updates. Many programming languages have stepped up with real-time apps. You might have to consider taking a web services tutorial to stay abreast of these real-time apps if you’re a web developer.

5. The emergence of Push Notifications

Who still checks emails for new content from favourite websites in 2018? Well, perhaps you haven’t heard about the emergence of push notifications. Many websites incorporate these notifications to notify you right on the screen about new content available. Sites notify you to sign up for their push notifications. Push notifications make engagement seamless.

Wrap Up!

This is just a tip of the ice as we expect more web development news in 2018 and beyond. Technology keeps on bringing us user-friendly upgrades. There are also new programming languages and designs that are constantly being introduced in the mainstream web development. Java features, among others, have become popular among many web developers are they enable developers to stay abreast with new trends.


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