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NOVEMBER 16, 2021

GRE 2022 Syllabus and Test Pattern

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    GRE 2022

    Does your plan for the future involve going abroad for your master's in 2022? If so, you must have already started to look for material to start preparing for your GRE entrance test.

    Here, in this article, we will give you all the key information you should have before you make the decision to attempt the examination.

    GRE is short for Graduate Record Examination which is a challenging, internationally valid, entrance test. It is a registered trademark of the Educational Testing Service (ETS) which has its headquarters at Princeton, N Jersey, United States. Aspirants who wish to pursue a specialized Masters course or Doctoral degree at well-known B-Schools in North America (the USA and Canada), UK, Europe, Singapore, AUS, and NZ region attempt for this exam every year

    The applicant's verbal ability, analytical writing skills, and quantitative reasoning skills are all tested in this entrance exam.

    The GRE Test Pattern

    There are two types of tests in the GRE's --- the GRE subject test ( could any of the following: Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Psychology, and English Literature ) and the GRE general test (Verbal Reasoning, Analytical Writing Assessment, and Quantitative Reasoning).

    You have the option to give the test in both computer-based and paper-based versions and both are pretty different. Also, paper-based tests are only available for places where computer-based test is not available. The subject-based test for GRE is available only in the paper-based format. You can give the test at over 1000 test centers across 160 countries around the globe.

    • GRE 2022 General Test

    The GRE General Test is 3 hours 45 minutes long. You can check the table below for your reference:

    GRE General Test
    Section Question Types Number of questions Time Given to Complete Section Score Possible
    Quantitative Reasoning
    Quantitative Comparison
    Problem Solving
    Data Interpretation
    20 x 2 sections = 40 35 mins x 2 = 1 hr 10 mins 130 – 170 with intervals of 1 (scaled)
    Verbal Reasoning
    Reading Comprehension
    Text Completion
    Sentence Equivalence
    20 x 2 sections = 40 30 mins x 2 = 1 hr 130 – 170 with intervals of 1 (scaled)
    Analytical Writing Assessment

    Analyze an Issue

    Analyse an Argument

    1 essay question
    1 essay question

    30 mins

    30 mins
    1 – 6 with intervals of 0.5
    Research Varies Varies
    Unscored Varies Varies

    The Research and the Unscored section are two variable sections and are not part of the composite GRE 2022 score.

    • GRE 2022 Subject Test

    The GRE Subject Test is 2 hours 50 minutes long. You can choose as your subject whatever you have studied during your undergraduate degrees such as Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, English Literature, and Psychology.

    GRE 2022 Syllabus

    If you are attempting to take the GRE 2022 exam you must prepare a personalized study plan as per their requirements and design it as per the latest GRE 2022 syllabus as soon as possible.

    There are three broad sections into which the GRE 2022 syllabus is divided:

    1. Analytical Writing Assessment: Your ability to critically scrutinize complex issues, arguments and put forward your thoughts reasonably will be tested in this section.
    2. Verbal Reasoning: Your ability to read and analyze the written material in the standard English language will be tested in this section. You will find three types of questions under this section:
      (1) Sentence Equivalence
      (2) Reading Comprehension
      (3) Text Completion
    3. Quantitative Reasoning: Your knowledge of mathematical concepts will be tested in this section. Concepts like Algebra, Data Analysis, Geometry, Arithmetic, etc. will be tested.

    GRE Result 2022

    Once the GRE exam is done, you can access your non-official score instantly, which you can either accept or reject. The score recipients or the universities that you have selected can view your results if you have accepted them.

    Your official scores will be made available to you on your ETS accounts and sent to you around 10-15 days, approximately, after the exam date.

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