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How to Check Spotify Stats

Posted in Tricks   SEPTEMBER 15, 2021

Suppose you are curious and want to know your song listening habits from Spotify Data. Then their plenty of websites at your service. However, you will have to share your Spotify Data with these sites, so they can analyze your Spotify data and provide stats accordingly. That also means you will have to log in to utilize any of these web services.

You should not take this route to maintain privacy and don't want third-party services to access your data. Analyzing your Spotify data could be fun; some services analyze your data and match it with a Zodiac sign or tell you how bad it is. It's often these kinds of tweets about Spotify stats that blow up for a day on Twitter. This article will discuss the best web services to check Spotify Stats and give you a detailed report.

Stats For Spotify

Stats For Spotify

Stats For Spotify shows up a complete detail of songs, tracks, artists, genres, top tracks from previous weeks, six months, and all-time by analyzing your Spotify data. Thus, it is one of the classic data analyzers for Spotify to give you a complete analysis of how you are engaging with Spotify and what type of music you are into. The service also shows previous stats of your Spotify data if you are using Stats For Spotify for the second time or more.

To use the service, visit the site on your web browser and click on the green Login with Spotify button, enter your Spotify credentials, and log in to the site. Once logged in, click on what you want to see from the Top Tracks, Top Artists, Top Genres buttons.

How Bad is Your Spotify

An AI is designed to look through the user's Spotify Stats to judge the user's music taste. In December 2020, the service recently peaked for the savage AI judgment and roasting people's music listening habits.

How Bad is Your Spotify

To use How Bad is Your Spotify visit the site, click on the Find Out button, wait for a while, the Login with Spotify button appears. Click on it and find out what the AI has to say about your music taste.


The service analyzes Spotify user data in comparison to the Obscurify users. It shows you the top five obscure artists that you are listening to. Moreover, it also rates your music according to the moods, such as happiness, danceability, and energy. You can compare your Spotify Stats with other obscure users, and lastly, Obscurify also includes your top song of every decade.

Obscurify Login with Spotify

Visit the Obscurify website on your web browser, and click on the Log in with Spotify button. Click on the Agree button to confirm your Spotify data to Obscurify for analysis.


Receiptify Spotify stats

As the name suggests, the following service analyzes your Spotify stats and puts the top ten songs on a receipt. The receipt looks cool. It includes the duration of the top ten songs and the total duration of songs. It's nothing informational, but it's relaxed and fun. Visit the Receiptify website on a web browser. Click on the Log in with Spotify button, agree on the terms and conditions, and get your receipt.


Moodify will not give you any stats from your Spotify Data. However, it's an AI that can analyze the current music you are listening to and can generate a playlist accordingly. You could utilize AI to get an automatic playlist of your desired songs, probably.

Moodify Discover your Moods

However, it can give an insight into what type of music you are and may well be found of. The procedure of using Moodify is similar to any web service for Spotify. First, you have to visit the site and log in with your Spotify credentials.


Based on the music that you listen to on Spotify, MusicScape generates a landscape depicting your recent listenings into a visual. The landscape features and represents the mood, mode, energy from your recent listenings.

MusicScape Spoitfy Stats

To start on MusicScape, visit the site on your Web Browser and click on the Start Button. Agree on the Spotify terms and conditions, and shortly after, you will see a landscape based on your music listening.



MusicTaste.Space analyzes Spotify data and compares it with other Spotify users. You can receive a homepage link from your friend to show all the overlapping top tracks and artists.

Visit the MusicTaste.Space site from your Web browser, sign in to your Spotify account, and check your music taste. Click on the Agree button from the pop-up and go to the Dashboard. Click on the Get My Spotify Data option. Lastly, click on the Compare with Other option to compare your Spotify stats with other Spotify users, or click on the My Insight option to get an insight into your Spotify listening habits.

Once you had enough fun with these Spotify Stats web services, you would want to unlink these web services from your Spotify account. Therefore, go to your Spotify settings ad select the Remove Access option for the web services you wish to unlink.