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How to check your CPU Stress Test?

Posted in Tricks   LAST UPDATED: SEPTEMBER 20, 2021

    The best way to check the CPU stress test when it is running at its peak is:

    You built a new computer. Fortunately, you have just built your own PC. The next step is to test whether the heating coil and the cooling system are all working manually to correct the pressure.

    Buy a new PC or laptop. Just got a new machine? Run through some CPU stress tests and see how it works. This is especially important if you have a very important laptop that has little to no cooling.

    Have an old laptop or PC. If your computer is showing its age, perhaps by shutting it down completely, you may be wondering how to boot your dead PC. The best thing to do is to take a pressure test to see if the temperature and high usage are a problem.

    How long should I focus on testing the CPU?

    To ensure stability, you do not need to pressure your processor for more than an hour - that is enough time for your CPU to reach its maximum speed. If you want to make sure everything is stable and working properly, let it run for 24 hours. But really, I have never needed a long test for any of the PCs I built.

    Is the stress test good?

    Unless you run these tests for a month, maybe you are fine. If your CPU heats too much of it, the PC will shut down before any problems occur. Only in minor cases, as well as older CPUs, you can damage your hardware if you let it run for a long time. But if that happened, it would happen at some point.

    Most of the time, you are good at running these tests. But be careful that the maximum amount of heat released during the test will help to slow down your PC's performance. Check your CPU stress test status regularly and avoid overheating.

    How does stress testing work?

    There are many companies that help with stress relievers, but how do they actually do CPU stress test? This problem stems from a complete overhaul.

    For example, Prime95 - one of the most popular CPU stress test programs - uses the search for Mersenne prime figures. This makes the CPUs run at 100% load across and thus represents the most usable environment. After a few minutes, you will see your CPU running at maximum power. The goal is to see how long it will take the CPU to be stable as it runs at maximum load.

    The software which can be used to test the CPU stress are;

    1. OCCT

    OCCT CPU Stress Test

    OCCT is one of the best tools for CPU stress in various hardware applications. It is designed especially for professionals, but you can also use it if you have a deep understanding of what a PC is. The OCCT allows you to perform a number of weight tests on your CPU making sure all their power points are used up. Besides, it detects hardware glitches if the hardware is not working in line.

    The best part about OCCT is that you also have a monitor that shows your CPU temperature, voltages, fan frequency, frequencies and more. The data is combined with an awesome diagram so you can easily understand the nitty-gritty. All in all, if you are looking for pressure to test your CPU for checking for hardware errors then OCCT is the answer for your downtime. More so, if you use it on your computer then the program is completely free.

    2. Prime 95

    Prime 95 CPU Stress Test

    Prime95 is another great software for high-pressure CPU stress test under high performance. In fact, many experts rely on Prime95 for all its methods to test hardware components. If you are a system manufacturer or one of those who love to overclock CPU then Prime95 will let you test the stability of your device seamlessly.

    To talk about its approach, Prime95 is testing the CPU extensively by using processor optimization and floating input. It delivers consistent performance to the CPU and then exceeds the limit when the machine has gained some stability. So, if you want to test the size of your CPU to the extent that it suffers all the components of your CPU, well, Prime95 is the application you should try.

    3. AIDA64

    AIDA64 CPU Stress Test

    AIDA64 Size is a hardware program rather than a stress test device. Anyway, it comes with a hardware search engine that offers a wide range of weight loss testing and testing services. For beginners, you can disable your CPU and run at high speed to test the features.

    It provides a multi-thread-64-bit multi-thread scanning system to push your computer to its maximum limit. At the same time, you can check the voltage, power consumption from various sources, read speed, and other areas. Apart from that, it allows you to compare other CPUs to measure your PC performance by using its online database.

    4. HeavyLoad

    HeavyLoad CPU stress test

    HeavyLoad is one of the most popular CPU stress test devices for high-pressure CPUs on Windows machines. It is a light tool that is not only used in technologies such as OCCT and the like, but it also provides a great deal of testing and minimal planning features. It uses a functional CPU to put the CPU under high pressure and tests its reliability.

    You can also choose your own function, transfer a small amount of memory, select a specific number to determine how your machine reacts under different conditions. Apart from that, you can also restrict disk space and write speed to find out how your PC behaves when the hard disk reaches its limit.

    And for easy understanding of metrics performance, it provides a simple overview of CPU usage on the dashboard. So, if you are looking for simple software for CPU pressure then HeavyLoad might be a great option.

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