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How to Connect iPhone to TV

Posted in Tricks   SEPTEMBER 9, 2021

    We often want to play a video or cast a photo on our TV. The reason may differ, but to project the tiny screen of your iPhone or iPad to the big widescreen TV is a feature that most of us want. Android devices are very convenient and compatible with most modern smart TVs. However, how can you connect your Apple device to your TV?

    Well, Apple devices are not far behind Android in terms of compatibility and connectivity with smart TVs. There are quite a few easy ways to connect your iPhone or iPad with your TV, and in this article, we will discuss how to connect Iphone to TV with solutions like AirPlay, DLNA, and much more.

    How to Connect Iphone to TV via AirPlay

    One of the quickest and simplest methods to connect your iPhone to TV wirelessly is to use the Apple AirPlay feature. The AirPlay feature is built-in to all Apple devices iOS, such as iPhones and iPads. AirPlay feature allows users to cast or mirror content to mostly AirPlay2 compatible and a few Rkou Devices.

    Hence, you should check first if your TV supports the AirPlay feature or not. If not, then check for the other methods mentioned here.


    • To utilize AirPlay, you must ensure to connect both your iPhone/iPad and your Tv to the same wifi network.
    • After, that bring the Control Center on your Apple device by swiping down at the top-right.
    • Select the AirPlay Mirroring option and choose the appropriate TV device.
    • Shortly after, AirPlay will mirror the screen of your phone onto your TV's display.

    Moreover, one can cast an individual photo or video on their TV via AirPlay. To do so, go to your Photo app, select the content and click on the Share icon; from the pop-up, select AirPlay and choose the appropriate device. Even more, numerous third-party applications utilize the AirPlay feature to cast online streaming content directly to your TV.

    AirPlay share

    One of the drawbacks of using AirPlay for screen mirroring onto your TV is that AirPlay blocks copy-righted contents. Streaming Media using Google's Chromecast protocol is quite different from using the AirPlay protocol. You can't use the Chromecast protocol from your iPhone or iPad to cast your phone screen onto your Tv; Apple devices are more compatible with Apple Tv because AirPlay is an Apple protocol. One could stream media and throw it onto their TV from their iPhone/iPad over AirPlay.

    If you often share media onto your TV, you simplify the process by ticking on one option. For that, open the Settings on your iPhone/iPad, go to General, select AirPlay & Handoff option. Lastly, toggle on the Automatically AirPlay to TVs option. Select the Ask option if you want a prompt before the media appears on your TV from your Apple device. Users can set up an AirPlay code o securely connect from iPhone to TV for privacy-conscious people.

    An issue you might face with the AirPlay is that of lags and glitches. It could occur due to a heavy wifi crowd. Due to such traffic on the wifi network, AirPlay might break, and the video output will shutter.

    How to Connect Iphone to TV via Cable

    Suppose your TV doesn't have an AirPlay feature or using the AirPlay feature to cast content onto your TV, causing your issues. Then you could use an HDMI or VGA adapter cable for your iPhone or iPad to connect your Apple device with TV.


    To do so, firstly, you will have to pick the right kind of cable. Apple provides a Lightning Digital AV Adapter, which you can use to connect your iPhone to TV via HDMI port. Also, the Lightning to VGA Adapter for connection of VGA compatible peripherals.

    If you find a cheaper adapter cable, look for the third-party Lightning to HDMI cables on Amazon. However, ensure that your purchase cable has a High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection feature to block high-definition content piracy.


    Connecting iPhone or iPad to Tv via Lightning to HDMI port is reasonably straightforward. Firstly, connect the cable from your Apple device to the adapter via your Lightning port. Then insert the HDMI cable to your TV's HDMI port and the Lightning to HDMI adapter. A pop-up will appear on your screen, allowing you to select TV input according to the port.

    Any external source is not needed to run the adapter. You will have to plug the cables in the appropriate ports. You can easily stream content from iTunes or services like Netflix from your iPhone to TV.

    However, the adapter cable will set the maximum resolution to 1080 pixels, even for 4k and higher def content. A few games and services don't work, and there is a noticeable delay while sharing content on your TV.

    How to Connect Iphone to TV using DLNA Services

    All of the intelligent TVs most probably have internet-enabled DLNA services. Even more, Apple devices have DLNA functionalities. We can utilize third-party DLNA services to stream media online onto our TV's screen.

    The most noticeable difference between DLNA and AirPlay is that DLNA doesn't need both devices to be connected to the same wifi network. However, your TV and your iPhone should have access to the internet, though DLNA uses the internet to transfer the content onto your TV screen.

    If the DLNA services are not activated on your TV, enable it to go to the Tv's Internet Connection setting menu. Search for the option similar to "Steam From PC or HomeServer" and will allow it.

    DLNA Services

    For $4, you can get the MCPLayer HD app in the App Store. Though there is a free version, it has limitations. The UPNP/DLNA streamer for TV is another free app provided by iStreamer. You can use the app to share media files onto your Smart TV.

    Set-up your own Media Streaming Service

    If you don't have access to DLNA services, AirPlay, or adapter cable, you should utilize third-party applications such as Kodi to set up your streaming server. To do so, you will need an Android-Powered TV stick, connect it to your TV. Ensure that you are connected to the internet and install the Kodi media server application. Also, install the Kodi application o your Apple device and connect with the Kodi media server via AirPlay or over the internet via code.



    Overall there are three ways you can connect your iPhone to Tv. You can connect your iPhone via AirPlay. However, ensure that both devices are connected to the same wifi network.

    You can use a Lightning to HDMI or Lightning to VGA adapter to connect iPhone to the TV via cables. Lastly, utilize DLNA services natively or with the help of a third-party application, and set up your server with the use of Kodi.

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