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How to Delete Cookies?

Posted in Internet Security   LAST UPDATED: OCTOBER 20, 2022

    how to delete cookies

    When you browse the internet, cookies get stored in your browser. The server on the other end of the connection reads the cookie file is then read by the server on the other end. Without the cookies, you will have to consistently enter the usernames and passwords, again and again. Cookies even make it possible for the shopping carts to work without all the items getting lost before purchasing.

    But, you can be easily tracked using these cookies. On a website, you can get the cookie from both the server of the site and also of the advertisers. This is called a third-party cookie. Whenever you are visiting a new website, the third-party cookie keeps a check on you and traces your moves. This puts forward the question of privacy.

    So, let’s see how you will be able to manage the cookies.

    Cookie Control

    You can opt to nuke all the existing cookies. This will give you some control. How you delete the cookies depends on the desktop or mobile browser that you are using. Firefox and Chrome users can use the Click&Clean extension and it will take care of all the cookies.

    But there are other manual methods too.

    The built-in features of the browsers will help you keep a check on the cookies. The least you can do is block third-party advertising cookies. Although it is not foolproof as the advertisers might still find a way through, it is still something. There are many other extensions that manage cookies on both browsers. You can check them out on both of their respective repositories.

    How to Delete Cookies on Chrome (Desktop)

    Chrome desktop cookie managing

    • You first have to click on the three-dot icon, open the menu, then select More tools and then Clear Browsing Data.

    • As the pop-up box appears, check off the third and the fourth boxes to delete the cookies and clean up the cache.

    • You can just pick a timeframe from the menu at the top.

    You can just type "chrome://settings/content/cookies" in Omnibox to manage the cookies in Chrome. You can change how you want Chrome to save the data from the sites. The best option here would be to block all third-party cookies. Some exceptions can also be set. For instance, you could block all cookies but allow for, let’s say, Flipkart just so you don’t have to keep entering your details all the time.

    You can click on See All Cookies and Site Data and get the ist of the cookies that have been installed locally on your computer. Then you can just go through them one at a time. You could also just clear all your cookies once every few months.

    How to Delete Cookies on Chrome (Mobile)

    You can access the menu and select Settings, then go to Privacy and then Clear Browsing History. Then just check off the section for cookies and tap on Clear Browsing Data or Clear Data, depending upon your phone. You cannot get detailed controls over cookies on the phone and cannot block third-party cookies alone.

    How to Delete Cookies on Mozilla Firefox

    How to delete cookies on Mozilla firefox

    • On Firefox, click on the hamburger stack and select Options, then Privacy and Security.

    • Then go under Cookies and Site Data, click on Clear Data, then Cookies and Site Data, and then Clear to clean up the complete cookie history.

    Then head back to Cookies and Site Data, here select Manage Data, and choose the sites from where you want to remove the cookies. You will also find a checkbox to Delete cookies and site data when Firefox is closed. You can go to Exceptions, under Manage Exceptions, and accept cookies only from approved sites.

    How to Delete Cookies on Mozilla Firefox (Android)

    Firefox Android clearing cookies

    Here you can go to the menu and select Settings, then Privacy, and then Cookies. Now you will have three choices, namely Enabled, Disabled, Enabled Excluding 3rd Party. If you want to clear all the cookies, you can check the box Clear Private Data on Exit, on the Privacy screen.

    How to Delete Cookies on Mozilla Firefox (iOS)

    Firefox iOS clearing cookies

    On the lower end of the screen click on the hamburger, select Settings, then Tracking Protection. You can choose from either Standard or Strict.

    But if you truly want to control your cookies, go to Settings, then Data Management, and then Cookies and turn them off. At the bottom of the screen, you can Clear Private Data or you can click on Website Data at the top to delete cookie data site by site.

    How to Delete Cookies on Safari (macOS)

    Safari macOS

    Safari doesn’t take third-party cookies by default. You can go to the Safari menu and select Preferences, then Privacy and check under Cookies and website data, then Manage Website Data.

    Now, if you would like to alter how Safari manages cookies you can look for the option to Block All Cookies on the same Privacy tab.

    How to Delete Cookies on Safari (iOS)

    Safari iOS

    On Safari, you can directly go to Settings, then Safari and toggle Block All Cookies, and switch it on.

    If you want to clear all the cookies, just choose Clear History and Website Data. If you want to delete selected cookies you can scroll down to Advanced, then Website Data. Here you will get to know the sites storing the most data. Then go to the bottom of the list showing the sites and choose Show All Sites and see the full list. Then you can delete the data for the sites that you do not recognize.

    Published by: Amundra