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How To Fix Svchost.exe High CPU Usage

Posted in General   OCTOBER 8, 2021


    One of the processes running constantly in Windows, very essential but evading the user's eye, is SVCHOST.EXE.

    But how do you fix svchost.exe high usage in Windows 10?

    Here, in this article, you will find 4 solutions that will help you solve the svchost.exe high CPU usage error in Windows 10.

    Svchost.exe actually refers to Service Host, helping host Windows services. A program in the Operating System that does a specific job and runs in the background as you turn on your computer is called a service in Windows. You can start, stop, view or disable a particular Windows service by opening Windows Services.

    There are times when you might find that the svchost.exe is using very high disk space, high memory and high CPU, up to 100% in Windows 10.

    Now, let's see how we can fix this svchost.exe high CPU usage problem.

    Fixes for Svchost.exe High CPU Usage

    The four measures stated below should help you fix the svchost.exe high CPU usage problem in Windows 10.

    Fix 1. Run an Anti-virus Scan

    The svchost.exe CPU 100% problem could have been caused by a virus or malware and if your computer is infected by it.

    In this case, the first thing you should do is, run an anti-virus scan for your computer. To scan and kill the virus or malware, you can use Windows Defender or any other reliable third-party antivirus software.

    Fix 2. Disable Services Causing High CPU Usage

    Disable Services That Cause Svchost.exe High CPU Usage

    There could be some corrupted svchost.exe programs or services that are causing the 100% CPU usage in your Windows 10 PC. You could just disable them and your problem would be solved.

    Step 1. First, open Task Manager (you could do it by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Esc at the same time).

    Step 2. Move to the Details tab and scroll down to find the svchost.exe processes in the list. Then, find the svchost.exe using the highest CPU, right-click on it and choose Go to service(s), this will take you to a window with highlighted services running under the svchost.exe process.

    Step 3. You could terminate the process by right-clicking on it and clicking Stop.

    Step 4. You can only disable the process temporarily by disabling it on Task Manager. You can then open the problematic service on Windows Services by clicking it and clicking Open Services icon at the bottom. Then, just right-click the service and choose Properties.

    To permanently stop it, you could choose the Disable option next to Startup type. Then, to make the changes take effect, click OK and restart your computer.

    Then, just check if the svchost.exe high CPU usage problem in your computer has been solved.

    Fix 3. Clear up Event Viewer Log

     Clear up Event Viewer Log

    You could also empty out the Windows Event View logs to fix the Windows 10 svchost.exe high CPU usage.

    Step 1. Just open Event Viewer on Windows 10. You could open Run by pressing Windows + R and then type eventvwr to open Windows Event Viewer.

    Step 2. Then you can just click Windows Logs and then click Application under it and finally click Clear Log to clear the Application logs.

    Step 3. You could clear System, Setup and Security logs using the same process. Finally, reboot your computer and you will find that all the changes are implemented.

    Fix 4. Disable Automatic Windows Updates

    Disable Automatic Windows Updates

    The svchost.exe high CPU usage problem in Windows 10 could be caused when Windows Update is checking for new updates or downloading the new updates in the background. Then you can try to disable automatic Windows updates.

    Step 1. To open Windows Services you can press Windows + R, type services.msc and hit Enter.

    Step 2. Then, just find the Windows Update service and right-click it to choose Properties.

    Step 3. In the Startup type choose Disabled. Then click OK to save the changes made. Next reboot your computer to check if the problem is fixed.

    Bottom Line

    One of these fixes will most surely solve your problem with svchost.exe high CPU usage in Windows 10.

    Published by: Amundra