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How To Hide Photos On Iphone

Posted in Tricks   SEPTEMBER 16, 2021

    Apple packs plenty of features in their products, such as iPhone, iPad, and Mac. There are countless features that it's hard to track and know about every component. Therefore, you might not even know that a particular feature exists on your iPhone. For example, Did you knew that you could hide photos on your iPhone?

    A convenient feature to protect one's privacy, iOS has native built-in features to hide photos. Moreover, the Hide Photo feature also lets users create an album to hide all the images inside the album.

    Why Would You Want to Hide Photos?

    The reason may vary. However, the most often people hide photos is because they don't want another person to see these sorts of photos. Such photos could be nudes, personal or sensitive information, whatever the main motive of hiding a photo is to avoid the photo being opened by someone if they have access to your iPhone.

    If your iPhone is stolen, you won't want any thief to snuff through your private photos. In such scenarios hide phot feature is very useful. Despite all these reasons, hiding sensitive images is a good security practice to protect privacy and information.

    You may have a few embarrassing pics of yours or your closed ones, and you don't want anyone else to see them. In such times you can always rely on your iPhone's hide photo feature. This article will discuss further how you can hide a photo on your iPhone.

    Hide iPhone Photo

    • Firstly, on your iPhone, go to your Gallery and select the photo you want to hide. You can choose multiple images by press hold select a picture and then tap on the other photos to choose.
    • Once you have selected the photos you want to hide, click on the Share icon at the bottom left of your iPhone screen.
    • A pop-up menu will appear on your iPhone screen. Scroll down and tap on the Hide option.

    how to hide photos on iphone usinig Hide Photo Option

    • Lastly, again there will be a prompt, select the Hide Photo option to hide all selected photos. It will transfer the images to the Hidden Album on your iPhone, which only you can access.

    Access Hidden Photos On your iPhone

    how to hide photos on iphone using iPhone Photos app Hiden Album

    • Open the Gallery on your iPhone, scroll down until you see the Utilities section.
    • There click on theHidden option to access the Hidden Photo album and all your hidden photos.

    How to make Hidden Album on your iPhone?

    If you find selecting individual photos and hiding them inconvenient, follow the steps mentioned below to know how to make a hidden album on your iPhone.

    how to hide photos on iphone by Create Album on your iPhone

    • Open up the Settings app on your iPhone, then scroll down and select the Photos option.
    • In the Photos settings page, scroll down and toggle on the Hidden Album option.
    • Once you have toggled on the option, you can now access the Hidden album from the Photo app Utility section. You can again turn off the option, and the photos will remain as they were; you can toggle on the option later again to access the hidden album.


    So, you want to hide a photo on your iPhone, then head over to your Galler, select the images you want to hide, and share the pictures to the Hidden photo option. Access the photos from the hidden album from the utility section. Hiding your photos is not enough, as you know, this sort of information is public and anyone can access it. Hence the person who may want to invade your privacy might learn these tricks. Therefore, ensure that you have enabled a passcode, fingerprint, or facial ID required to open the Hidden Photos album.

    Published by: Brandmonkey