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How To Install Pip On MacOS?

Posted in Programming   LAST UPDATED: APRIL 1, 2023

    Install Pip on mac os

    How to Install PIP on MacOS

    Python is popular programming and scripting language. It includes important modules and libraries but also there is a lot of popular 3rd party library. Pip is the command and tools used to install, update and delete 3rd party packages. In this tutorial, we will learn how to install pip on macOS. Thee are some prequesities you will need to follow this tutorial-


    • macOS running device
    • Python
    • Access to administrator user account

    Verify Python Installation

    Before installing the pip we have to make sure that Python is installed. Also, the version of Python is necessary since pip will be installed according to this Python version.

    $ python --version
    $ python3 --version


    We can see that both PYthon2 and PYthon3 is installed. So we can use installation commands for both Python2 and Python3. The python2 version is Python2.7.16 and the Python3 version is Python3.6.8.

    Install Pip On MacOS with easy_install

    easy_install is a Python module supplied with setuptools that allows us the ability to download, compile, install pip on MacOS, and manage Python packages. Before pip easy install was the official package management for Python. We may install pip using the easy install command as follows.

    $ sudo easy_install pip

    If the pip is already installed we can also update the current pip installation using the easy install as below. We will use the pip command since it was installed previously and supply the —upgrade option with the package name which is likewise pip.

    $ sudo pip install --upgrade pip

    Install Pip On MacOS with is another approach to install pip on MacOS. is a Python script that will easily download and install the Pip package for Python. First, we will download the script using the curl command. We will supply the URL with the -o option where we will specify the name of the downloaded file name.

    $ curl -o

    AND then we will call the using the Python interpreter. This will execute the file Python code which will simply install the pip on macOS or OS X.

    $ python


    Install Pip On MacOS with brew

    Homebrew is the package management utility for the macOS. We can use Homebrew in order to install Python and pip. pip is given with the python package. We will use the brew command with the install command as below.

    $ brew install python

    If there are complications linked to the pip use we may need to relink the python using the following command.

    $ brew unlink python && brew link python

    Check if pip is installed or not

    We may verify the installed pip version using the -V or —version command as follows.

    $ pip -V
    $ pip3 -V


    We can observe that Python2 pip version is pip 9.0.1 and Python3 pip version is pip 9.0.1 . They are the same version for both Python2 and Python3. This is due to avoiding version conflicts and coordinating the feature development of the pip command for both Python versions.

    How to Update PIP on macOS

    If PIP is already installed on your macOS then you cab easily update using the following command. Use the following command to update the PIP instaled on your macOS -

    python3 -m pip install –upgrade pip

    How to uninstall PIP on macOS

    You can use the following command to uninstall previous version of PIP on macOS -

    pip uninstall pip
    sudo apt-get remove python-pip


    Now, you have pip installed on your macOS. You can now install, update and delete Python's third party packages easily with the help of pip. We learn how to-

    • Install Pip On MacOS using easy_install
    • Install Pip On MacOS using
    • Install Pip On MacOS using brew
    • How to Update PIP on macOS
    • How to uninstall PIP on macOS

    I hope this will help you!!

    About the author:
    Adarsh Kumar Singh is a technology writer with a passion for coding and programming. With years of experience in the technical field, he has established a reputation as a knowledgeable and insightful writer on a range of technical topics.