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How to Play Google Chrome Dinosaur Game both Online and Offline

Posted in General   LAST UPDATED: NOVEMBER 30, 2021

    How to play google chrome dinosaur game

    If you are using Google Chrome, you must be familiar with the running Dinosaur game which is played on Chrome along with the message “Unable to connect to the Internet” when your network is down.

    Previously people thought the dinosaur was just an icon on the screen for when the connection was down, but then as someone pressed the spacebar the dino started to run.

    This has now become a beloved Dinosaur Game. But can you play the game online?

    The answer is Yes. So let’s find out how you can play the Dinosaur Game, both online and offline.

    Playing The Google Chrome Dinosaur Game Offline

    Play google chrome dinosaur game online and offline

    When you are having some trouble with your internet, you can just open Chrome and try to visit any website. The error message will appear showing that your net is not working, along with the dinosaur.

    Now, just press the space bar or the up arrow and the game will start. To jump over the obstacles, you have to press the up-arrow. If you press the button for a longer duration the dino will jump higher.

    You can press the down arrow if you have to duck under something.

    The speed of the dino increases as you keep playing. The game is over as soon as you crash into anything. You can again start the Dinosaur game by pressing the space bar.

    Playing The Google Chrome Dinosaur Game Online.

    Play google chrome dinosaur game online and offline

    Don’t worry you don’t have to wait for your internet to go down so that you can play the dino game. There are a few different ways you can play the dino game online.

    Visiting The Dino URL

    The easiest way you can play the Dinosaur game online is by going to the URL: chrome://dino/. As you visit the page, you will see the dino waiting for you with the “no internet” message.

    As you see the message you can press the space bar and get started with the game of jumping over cacti.

    Is Another Way You Can Play The Google Chrome Dinosaur Game

    If you do not want to turn your WiFi off just so you can play the dino game, that is understandable. We have another way you can just go offline on your browser.

    For this, you have to press F12 and Chrome will open dev tools.

    Here click on the “Network” tab which is at the top of the screen, and look for the Online/Offline tab.

    Besides “online” there will be a dropdown arrow, click it and select “Offline”. Then toggle to “Offline”.

    Now after your browser is in offline mode, you can just try to browse any webpage and the dino will appear again. And you can start playing.

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