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How to Screen Record on iPad

Posted in Tricks   SEPTEMBER 16, 2021

    Often once in a while, you would want to record activity on your iPad screen. In such time, knowing how to use the iPad's native screen recording utility to record your screen would be a boon. Since it is a super helpful utility is baked into all iOS versions of the iPad. Thus, you won't have to get any third-party app from the Apple app store.

    The native screen recording tool on your iPad also lets users enable disable the microphone. This article will further discuss how to screen record on iPad and provide you a step-by-step guide to use the screen capturing tool on any iOS version you are running on your iPad.

    How to Screen Record on iPad on iOS v13, v12 & v11

    How to Screen Record on iPad

    • Firstly, open up the Settings applications on your iPad if running iOS versions 11, 12, or 13. Scroll down in the settings app and look for the Control Center option and click on it.

    How to Screen Record on iPad

    • On the Control Center settings page, select the Customize Controls option.

    How to Screen Record on iPad

    • Scroll down to the second list and click on the green plus icon beside the Screen Recording option. It will now add the screen recorder option to your iDevice control Center.

    How to Screen Record on iPad on iOS v14 or Greater

    If you are running iOS v14 or higher on your iPad, then to set up the Screen record option on your iPad's iDevice Control Center, follow the steps mentioned below:

    • Firstly, open up the Settings app on your iPad, scroll down and go to the Control Center.

    How to Screen Record on iPad

    • Then, tap on the More Controls option in the control center, next click on the Add button with a Plus icon beside Screen Recording.

    Turn On Screen Recording on Your iPad.

    How to Screen Record on iPad

    Suppose you have followed the steps mentioned earlier to ensure the Screen Recording option on your iPad's control center. Follow the steps below to You can now swipe down from the right to bring the Control Center and select the Circle icon button.

    A mini pop-up will appear on the screen for screen capturing—select Camera Roll to save the recorded video at your iPad's gallery.

    How to Screen Record on iPad

    Tap on the Microphone icon below if you want to enable microphone audio along with your screen recording. By default, it is turned off. Lastly, click on the Start Recording option to start the screen recording on your iPad. Everything on your screen, along with the notifications, will get captured in the clip; however, It won't record your passcode or any other security-enabled apps.


    Overall, if you want to screen record on your iPad, firstly check what version of iOS you are running. Then according to your iOS version, follow the steps mentioned here to add the Screen Recording option at the control center. Lastly, swipe down from right on your iPad's screen and select the Screen Recording icon, turn on/off the mic, and tap on the Start Recording option.

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