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JANUARY 8, 2024

How to Securely Mirror and Control an Android Phone from Your Device

    Android mirroring allows you to make a copy of the phone experience and allows it to be controlled remotely from your device. It is a mirrored screen representation of the original device that is controllable from your current device.

    It enables a unique solution where you don’t have to engage with the mirrored device physically, allowing you to view and make updates to the device data from afar. Several apps enable you to do that but are often limited by distance, transfer time, and need a wired connection.

    But XNSPY is one remote phone monitoring solution that mirrors and controls an Android device without these limitations.

    securely mirror android

    What is XNSPY?

    XNSPY is a phone monitoring app that mirrors phone data and extracts it to streamline access to it. It enables you to remotely control the device and mirror data such as social media profiles, call logs, text messages, voice recordings, browsing data, GPS location history, including current location, emails, installed apps, and saved media like videos and photos.

    XNSPY needs app permissions, access to storage, and sensors like GPS, mic, and camera for it to operate. These are granted by default at the time of installation after which it continues to monitor uninterrupted.

    Once the app has been installed, it vanishes from plain sight and hides as a default process that doesn't alert the operating system or the device owner. The app only reveals itself if an antivirus scan is run, which is quite rare.

    The app automatically gathers the data, clones the phone experience, and uploads the device data to its servers. To access the gathered data, you must log in to the XNSPY dashboard from any web browser via the credentials emailed to you.

    The app is paid and needs an active subscription to work at all times. You have to physically unlock the target device for the first time you are about to install the app, after which you can use the app freely and remotely.

    The dashboard is where you can access the cloned phone experience, enabling you to mirror, view, and control the target device remotely.

    What XNSPY Features Enable Phone Mirroring?

    As XNSPY is a complete remote phone monitoring solution, it has many features that help it mirror Android functionality on a web browser. These features are:

    • Screen recording

    • Multimedia viewing

    • Location tracking

    • Web history monitoring

    • Installed app viewing

    • Call log/text monitoring

    1. Screen Recording

    All social media applications can be tracked by the XNSPY's Screen Record feature, which can also be used to capture end-to-end encrypted conversations. Through this screen mirroring feature, the software gets around the encryption security system by enabling screenshots to be captured from any social media app. These screenshots mirror the phone user’s social media experience.

    Screenshots of every interaction on all the main social media applications are available here. These include YouTube, Instagram, Signal, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and Telegram. Because images from each app are instantly organized into their corresponding tabs, finding the relevant screenshots is a quick and easy process.

    2. Multimedia Viewing

    XNSPY also clones the saved media on a target device such as photos and videos. It clones the data and sends it to its servers. You can then log in to your dashboard account to view the multimedia files as if you were directly opening them on the target smartphone.

    You can download and save these files on your device too if you want so you have a permanent record for offline viewing as well.

    3. Location Tracking

    XNSPY’s geolocation tracking functionality enables you to view the real-time position of a target device by mirroring its GPS data on your web browser. You can also view time/date stamps for each location and view the location history of the target device so you know exactly where the device has been in the past.

    4. Web History Monitoring

    Another valuable tool of the phone mirroring app is its online history monitor. You can use this capability to monitor someone's online browsing history even if they have wiped their browser history. It displays browser history data even after being uninstalled from the target device since it clones online browsing data onto your dashboard.

    As XNSPY overcomes the challenges of data restriction and privacy, you can inspect their browsing data and weblogs when their browser is in Incognito mode. The software also displays all websites visited, the frequency with which they were accessed, as well as the time and date of the most recent visit.

    XNSPY also displays the user's favorite web pages that have been bookmarked. This information can be used to assess what types of content the phone owner views and to filter out potentially dangerous or sexual websites.

    You can examine all links and webpages while using the app with this feature, and it works without any performance issues or slowing down the target phone.

    5. Installed App Viewing

    XNSPY mirrors the installed apps list and screen time usage of each app too. It helps assess how frequently the device user opens each app and how many hours they spend on each every day.

    While other phone cloning apps only show the app usage, XNSPY can also block each app directly from the dashboard.

    6. Call Log/ Text Monitoring

    Additionally, XNSPY can record calls in real time and retains a local copy of the call logs even if the device is erased. Each call's full information, including the location of the receiver, is automatically recorded and kept on file.

    Every call placed on a user's mobile is recorded by XNSPY and stored on its servers, enabling app users to listen to the entire call from their dashboard. Similarly, XNSPY saves sent and received text messages along with their timestamps onto its servers allowing you to back them up and clone the text logs for future viewing.

    What Advantages Does XNSPY Have Over Other Data Cloning Apps?

    It has numerous significant advantages over other device mirroring apps like TeamViewer and AirDroid because it is an affordable data cloning app. It is extremely compatible with Android devices and can work even when the Android device goes to sleep or another user is using the device.

    The program automatically extracts data every 5 seconds to ensure that it has the most recent and up-to-date info when serving you. It operates in stealth mode, allowing it to transfer data without interruptions because it becomes a random process thread of the Android operating system.

    There are various other benefits to utilizing XNSPY over similar data cloning apps. One advantage is that it is not limited by WiFi range and can send data without user intervention while creating a backup on its servers.

    Another advantage is that it can establish a direct link between Android and your device, which is difficult to achieve otherwise because both devices must be connected to the same WiFi network. It also provides stronger connectivity and controls than other phone mirroring apps.


    XNSPY includes functionality that other apps lack. They have already been discussed in great detail above. So XNSPY is a great deal that offers remote capabilities not found in free smartphone tracking apps. It is easy to use, quick to set up, and is not limited by physical location or Wi-Fi range. It is a must-have if you want quick remote access to another device and to control it.

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