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How to Upload and Add Pictures to Posts

 JULY 12, 2016   by iamabhishek

Follow the following steps, to successfully upload and add pictures to your Posts.

1. Click on "Click to Upload Picture" button, and select the picture from your computer that you want to add to your post.

2. On Selection, the picture will be displayed. It is not yet uploaded and can be changed. Click on "Upload" button to upload the picture on Server.

3. On successful upload you will get the URL of the picture uploaded. Using the URL you can add the picture to your Post.

4. Click on the Image icon, in the Editor toolbar, and paste the URL of the Picture in the URL Field and click on OK.

See, how simple it is to upload any Picture to your Post.

We are constantly working to make this entire process flawless, but it will take us some time to reach that point.


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