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Inkjet vs Laser Printer

Posted in Tricks   SEPTEMBER 14, 2021

laser printer vs inkjet

Often once in a while, we require a hard copy of the digital file, whether it's text, a document or a PDF, and an image. Printers are the hardware for a PC that supports such a feat. We can extract any image or document however we want on paper using a printer.

Printers are on the market for decades, and there are various types of printers and manufacturers to choose from. However, from observation, we can see that people's favorite printers are the Inkjet and Laser printers. Both of these printers are efficient and fast. However, people still debate inkjet vs laser printers on which printer to purchase.

Inkjet printers are budget-friendly, enabling any consumer to afford them, sometimes less precise, but the laser printer can be pretty expensive. However, they don't need an ink cartridge to print anything. This article will help you to broaden your knowledge about inkjet vs laser printer technologies in every aspect, including real-world scenarios. Thus it will help you to choose a printer according to your needs.

Common Misconceptions

There is a common belief among people that a laser printer is superior to an inkjet printer. However, now we know that is not the case because laser printers are faster than inkjet printers. The print quality for both of these printers is similar.

If you are thinking of purchasing a laser printer because you believe it will last in the long run. Then you might get disappointed in the future because laser printers are not better in terms of durability and lasting longer than Inkjet printers.

Twenty years ago there were vast differences between inkjet, and laser printers, such as laser printer were more precise than the inkjet printer but was very expensive to afford. Inkjet printer was affordable but was not that precise when it comes to the prints.

However, now we are at a point where both laser and inkjet printers are on the same feat. Both outputs a similar quality output, both are accurate on their prints, and lastly, both are durable for a relative amount of time.

Inkjet Vs Laser Printer: Speed, Quality, Cost Per Page and Durability

There have been many debates on the speed of the laser printer vs inkjet based on their speed statics. From the ratings, we can easily conclude that laser printers are faster than Inkjet printers, but wait, there is a catch as it has been seen that a cheap inkjet printer performs worse compared to an affordable laser printer.

However, that doesn't confirm that inkjet printers are slower than laser printers because their technology has evolved, and a good inkjet printer can be even faster than a laser printer.

Business Inkjet Printer

However, due to the technology that Inkjet printer implements which includes spraying color inks to the paper. To print, can only produce eight pages per minute. On the other hand, most low-end laser printers can quickly produce up to sixteen pages per minute. Also, an Inkjet printer is resource-heavy. If you have plenty of prints, the color ink cartridge has might run out.

Office-focused, high-end inkjet printers such as MFC-J6945DW can print twenty-two prints per minute compared to the high-end laser printer MFC-L3770CDW, which can print up to twenty-five prints per minute.

Turns out that Inkjet printers are pretty close to laser printer sped when configured correctly. However, the fact remains that most laser printers are faster than most Inkjet printers.

Earlier inkjet printers were only able to print monochrome and dot outputs. However, that is not the case now. Inkjet printers can print photos in a wide range of colors. Moreover, inkjet printers print more details for the images and artworks with a glossy look which a laser printer couldn't do. For a professional look, inkjet printers support a feature called bleed, which prints the output without any margin and whitespace. Where else, with laser printers, you have to deal with the margins and white space.

Inkjet Printers Colour Cartridges

Moreover, inkjet printers support various kinds of printing paper and fabric for a print. On the other hand, laser printer doesn't have such compatibility. A few such inkjet printers would be Epson SureColor P5000 and Canon's image Prograf PRO-1000. So in terms of printing images, it seems inkjet printers are superior to laser printers for specific capabilities.

However, you will face a blurry and fuzzy print if you print a document with small text font using an inkjet printer. Possible reasons for such lousy output could be cheap printing paper or the nozzle that sprays the ink. However, on the other hand, laser printers are well equipped with a laser tober to print small text fonts, so using a laser printer, you can always expect a clear print.

Epson Inkjet Printer

Depending on what printer you are using, the cost for the page might vary. For example, Canon imageClass LBP22dw monochrome laser printer paper costs low as 1.1 cents, and Epson WorkForce Pro Wf-M5299 paper costs 0.8 cents.

The fact still lingers that the cost of the ink cartridges for an inkjet printer is higher than the cost of the paper bulk. However, depending on the model of your inkjet printer can reduce the cost of the paper, where else for a laser printer, the range is consistent.

Lastly, let us discuss durability. Which printer lasts the long laser printer vs inkjet? Well, it depends on how you are using the printers. Avoid any low-end printers because low-end printers might gradually wear out after a few years of usage.

Many printers are built to take on heavy usage and tend to last longer, so durability depends on what model of printer you have and how you are using the printer daily.

Both laser printers and inkjet printers have mechanical parts, and mechanical parts are torn out after a cycle of usage, so it's pretty evident that in case of durability, what type of printer you are using doesn't matter much, dry ink can jam the spray nozzle, or the laser toner might work faulty.