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Installing Kubernetes Helm on Windows

Posted in Programming   LAST UPDATED: MAY 24, 2021

In this tutorial we will see how we can install Helm on Windows operating system and in the next tutorial in this series we will create our first Helm project. We will try to keep all these tutorials as simple as possible for beginners to easily follow them.

If you are still new to Helm, and have recently started working with Kubernetes and Docker, then you should first go get some introduction to helm.

Installing Helm on Windows

To install Helm on your Windows operating system we would recommend you to install Chocolatey package manager on your Windows OS. It is super simple to install Chocolatey on Windows OS and once you have this package manager, you can easily install Helm too.

Once you have installed Chocolatey, it's just a matter of running a single command to install Helm.

1. Open Powershell/Command Prompt

I recently discovered about Powershell in Windows 10 and have been attracted to it for no particular reason, but you can go ahead and open command prompt too. As we have a;ready installed Chocolatey, run choco in shell and you will see the following output:

Install helm on Windows

To explore Chocolatey more, you can run the choco -? command to see detailed help menu.

2. Install Helm

To install Helm, we have to run the following command:

choco install kubernetes-helm

This will download and install the Helm package to your Windows OS.

Install helm on Windows

You may see the above message if you are using Powershell to install Helm, but don't worry, press Y and hit Enter to proceed with the installation.

This will install the Helm package on your machine.

3. Verify Helm installation

To verify the Helm installation, type helm and hit enter:

Install helm on Windows

And that's it we are done.


Now we can start working on Helm charts and create new Helm projects and then later on we will learn how to create our own Helm chart repository and upload the helm charts to it.

This is just the beginning!