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Learn from Game of Thrones How to perform well in your Interview

 DECEMBER 7, 2017   by iamabhishek

It's true if you use analogies to explain things, chances of making the other person understand what you want to convey, increases. But you must choose something popular, otherwise, it will prove to be another wrong turn. When we say popular, what better than the most popular TV series on the planet - Game of Thrones.

So in this post, we will be sharing with you some very important tips that you must remember while going for an Interview. These tips are meant for Engineering Freshers but apply to everyone, whatever genre, whatever experience.

This is more like learning from Game of Thrones, what mistakes we can avoid in our interview to surpass death, oh! no one is going to kill us in an interview, what I wanted to say was to get the job.

1. Be Clever

You have to be clever. Just being prepared and knowing everything is not enough. Ned Stark knew everything, he was brave, won the seven kingdoms with Robert Baratheon, but what did he get at the end - Head on the Spike.

Ned Stark says Be clever

You have to be smart, not over smart like LittleFinger, but smart.

2. Be Kind and Gentle

Don't act over-smart and over-confident as if you cannot be harmed, even if your reference in the company is Super Senior Manager. Be kind and gentle. Joffrey thought no one can harm a King, little did he knew, that poison isn't afraid of any King. Poison is poison, for everyone.

Never be like Joffrey

Arrogant, Loser, bad attitude, disrespectful - Just a few traits of Joffrey. This is just for him. Not for you. I hate Joffrey.

3. Go Prepared

Practice, practice again, when you feel you are prepared, go, show them who you are and who you can be. There is no way luck will get you through, its only hard work and practice. Learn from Arya Stark, get yourself a good teacher, or self-tutor you. Arya Stark never had Internet, but you sure do.

Be prepared with a list like Arya Stark

4. Study about the Company

Do a background study on everything related to the company. What do you think is Tyrion Lannister's strength? KNOWLEDGE.

Tyrion Lannister has great knowledge

5. Basic Concepts of OOPS

Be very sure and thorough about the basic concepts of OOP. Learn it, understand it, practice it. If the person taking your interview is a White Walker, then OOP is like Dragonglass. If you have it, that doesn't mean you will be able to kill the White Walker, but if you don't have it... DEATH.

What is Dragonglass

For those of you who are not from a programming background and still reading this, first of all, thank you, second, find your Dragonglass topic. You got the point, right.

6. Showcase your Live Projects, if any

If you have a blog or have a live website or any project that you have been working on, tell them about it. That's your Dragon and you need just one, well if you have more than one, that's even better. But use it carefully, dragons too can get killed. If the person who is taking your interview is able to find one single thing about your project, that you had no idea about, that's death of your dragon.

Like a boss Daenerys

So, that's it. Hope you crack that interview and get the Job. All the best. All hail Queen Cersei! Haha...Joking.


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