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Mirror iPhone to a PC

Posted in Tricks   SEPTEMBER 13, 2021

    Often we want to cast our phone's screen onto the big Screen of our PCs. How do you do that if you have an iPhone? We all know that iPhone or iPad devices are compatible with AppleTV. But how do you connect your iPhone to a PC monitor? This article will discuss various methods, such as using third-party applications to achieve the goal to mirror an iPhone screen onto a PC.

    Mirror iPhone to PC (Windows)

    iPhone has an in-built feature to record iPhone screens. Along with that, iPhone and all other Apple devices have AirPlay protocol to cast nets over wifi networks. Though all the Apple devices support the AirPlay protocol, however Windows doesn't. Therefore you would have to use a third-party application to mirror your iPhone screen onto your Windows PC.

    LonelyScreen Windows

    One of such third-party applications that you should download and install is the LonelyScreen app. Get the LonelyScreen app on your Windows PC, ensure you have connected both your Windows PC and iPhone to the same wifi network. LonelyScreen utilizes the AirPlay protocol and helps Windows PC to mimick as Apple TV.

    • Lanch the LonelyScreen program in your Windows PC via Start Menu. By default, the server name is LonelyScreen.
    • However, on the first launch of the LonelyScreen application, a prompt will appear, allowing users to change and save the server name according to their choice.
    • Click on the Red Circle Recording button to start the broadcast.
    • On your, iPhone opens the Control Center app and click on the Screen Mirroring button.
    • Lastly, select the PC server from the list of devices. If there is no Screen Mirroring button on the Control center, you will have to access it from the iPhone Settings.

    LonelyScreen provides a free trial version with limited features; however, you can use the free version for eternity for screen mirroring your iPhone to your PC. The app will still prompt you during the usage of LonelyScreen. However, you could quickly close the prompt and continue screen mirroring.

    Though LonelyScreen is an excellent third-party application to mirror your iPhone to PC, it lacks some functionalities. If you want features available to you during screen mirroring iPhone to PC, check out paid apps such as Reflector or AirServer. The reflector app will cost $17.99, and the AirServer offers the app for $19.99. Both of these apid applications facilitate numerous features such as screenshots, recording, and much more. However, if you are looking for a free solution to mirror your iPhone screen onto your PC, pick LonelyScreen software for your Windows PC.

    Mirror iPhone to PC (Mac)

    For Windows PC, you have to get a third-party application to mirror your iPhone case. However, that is not the case for MacBooks. Since MacBooks comes with MacOS installed via apple, MacBooks are compatible with the AirPlay protocol and has inbuilt functionalities to screen mirror your iPhone.

    However, to do so, you will need a Lightning to USB cable to connect your iPhone to MacBook via cable. If you have docked iPhone on your Mac for the first time, a prompt will appear on your iPhone.

    • Tap on the Trust button and then head over to your Mac and there open the launchpad.
    • Select the QuickTime Player option from the launchpad.
    • Ensure that you have connected your iPhone to MacBook via USB cable, and then focus on the QuickTime app.
    • From the top menu bar, select the File option. From the menu, select New Movie Recording.

    Mac QuickTime Player

    • Shortly, after a new window will appear on the screen.
    • There next to the Record button, click on the down arrow on the movie window.
    • If your iPhone is well connected to your Mac, you will notice an iPhone appearing in the drop-down menu under the camera. Click on it.
    • If your iPhone doesn't show up, try reconnecting the USB cable and try again.
    • Once you have selected your iPhone from the list, a window will open mirroring your iPhone's screen shortly after.
    • You could click on the Record button to starting recording your iPhone's screen.

    Even more, you could select Audio input and output respective to your Mac and iPhone. Though QuickTime Player is a video application on Mac, it features useful functions to screen mirror your iPhone via USB cable. You can purchase this USB to Lightning cable from Amazon r from Apple Store.


    Overall, if you want to screen mirror your iPhone to Windows PC, you should utilize third-party applications such as LonelyScreen, Reflectors, and AirServer. Moreover, these third-party applications work over AirPlay Protocol, so you can scree mirror wirelessly using them.

    The native way to screen mirror your iPhone is to use a USB cable and connect it with your Macbook. QuickTime only works with Mac users, and it is a wired method. If you are looking for a wireless method, consider installing third-party applications such as LonelyScreen, Reflector, AirServer on your Mac.

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