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PC Cleaner Tuneup for Windows to use in 2021

Posted in Facts   LAST UPDATED: AUGUST 7, 2021

    Are you also searching for a free PC Cleaner and are tired of searching for them? If yes, then don't worry because you have ended up in the right place. This article will give you a list of such free PC Cleaners, and will also answer some of the most common questions about it.

    So, let's get started.

    What is a PC Cleaner?

    A PC Cleaner is a tool that removes the unnecessary and temporary files and programs from the system and subsequently improves the life of the PC. It is highly effective in improving the system's speed and productivity.

    Following is the list of both the open-source (free) and commercial (paid) software of PC Cleaners with their popular features:

    1. Restoro

    Restoro is one of the best PC cleaner software that safely performs registry cleanup and repair, and tunes up system settings. It also prevents the software from freezing and crashing.

    restoro tool


    These are the following features of Restoro.

    • It fixes all the system issues.
    • It frees the disk space.
    • It has the ability to repair and rebuild Windows OS.
    • It protects the PC from damage by finding all the threatening apps.
    • It cleans your registry with zero hassle.
    • It replaces all the missing and damaged files.

    To download Restoro, click here.

    2. Ashampoo WinOptimizer

    Ashampoo WinOptimizer is another best PC cleaner tool that provides system optimization, in-depth cleaning, and diagnosis all in one program. It is one of the most easy-to-use tools with full Microsoft Edge Chromium support.

    best PC cleaner


    These are the following features of Ashampoo WinOptimizer

    • It merges free disk space with Defrag.
    • It provides extensive drive analysis and hardware review with Defrag.
    • It provides a handy benchmark center for better clarity and faster test access.
    • It saves both time and effort.
    • It has an enhanced Browser Extension Manager and provides a faster module startup time.
    • It keeps all the cleaners up-to-date.
    • It provides detailed analysis logs and more details on installed hardware during system analyses.

    To download Ashampoo WinOptimizer, click here.

    3. IObit Advanced SystemCare

    IObit Advanced SystemCare is a tool that automatically fixes and speeds up the PC by removing unwanted files. Along with that, it optimizes hidden Internet settings for a faster experience.

    Iobit tool


    These are the following features of IObit Advanced SystemCare

    • It removes unwanted startup programs that slow down the system.
    • It finds and fixes different issues using intelligent live updates.
    • It makes the system more stable by fixing the windows error.
    • It fixes all kinds of errors including registry errors, disk errors, Windows security issues, outdated drivers, etc.
    • It protects and provides privacy and security by safely clearing the browsing history.
    • It boosts the PC performance by monitoring it in real-time.
    • It removes junk files to free up disk space.
    • It automatically captures intruders.

    To download IObit Advanced SystemCare, click here.

    4. PC Booster

    PC Booster is one of the best PC cleaner tools to improve PC performance and keep the system clean.

    PC Booster tool


    These are the following features of PC Booster.

    • It provides easy maintenance and keeps your PC clean.
    • It improves stability by cleaning and repairing files that slow down the PC performance.
    • It provides better privacy by erasing internet activity and unwanted files permanently.
    • It boosts the PC performance by clearing warnings, pop-ups, and unwanted programs.
    • It clears all the accumulated junk.

    To download PC Booster, click here.

    5. SlimCleaner Free

    SlimCleaner Free is one of the best pc cleaner free that delivers up-to-date information, ratings, and recommendations from users, and as a performance mode and power management mode to optimize the PC.

    SlimCleaner Free


    These are the following features of SlimCleaner Free

    • It provides a one-click scan.
    • It optimizes startup items.
    • It manually cleans and optimizes the PC.
    • It optimizes the startup time as well.
    • It provides us with unwanted startup items alert.
    • It allows us to remove unnecessary junk files.

    To download SlimCleaner Free, click here.

    6. Easy pc optimizer

    Easy pc optimizer is one of the 1005 free-to-use cleanup tools that improve PC performance with the help of a few simple steps.

    best PC cleaner


    These are the following features of the Easy pc optimizer

    • It optimizes the windows settings.
    • It protects the system's privacy.
    • It provides tools to free up disk space.
    • It cleans up digital junk.
    • It improves system performance and speed.
    • It makes the system responsive and error-free.

    To download Easy pc optimizer, click here.

    7. Avira

    Avira is an award-winning antivirus scanner that understands the needs of the users and improves its services accordingly. It is absolutely free and fixes all your issues with one click.

    best PC cleaner


    These are the following features of Avira.

    • It boosts the PC performance and speeds up the system start.
    • It provides antivirus protection.
    • It keeps the PC clean by removing all the digital traces from the browsers and apps.
    • It also secures online activities.
    • It protects your personal data from scams, spies, and ransomware.
    • It provides updates for OS, drivers, and apps for better performance.
    • It provides protection from different scams in social networks.
    • It also secures the account by providing strong and unique passwords.

    To download Avira, click here.

    8. Iolo System Mechanic

    Iolo System Mechanic is a tool that free up memory to boostPC performance, cleans up all junk files, and removes all the late files to free up space.

    best PC cleaner


    These are the following features of the Iolo System Mechanic

    • It makes the system more stable by fixing the windows errors and reducing PC crashes.
    • It makes browsing safer by automatically clearing the browsing data.
    • It provides a deep clean and optimizes your pc.
    • It identifies and fixes all the windows problems.
    • It automatically detects & disables inactive processes to boost PC performance.
    • It ensures a better surfing experience by removing ads and blocking unnecessary websites.

    To download Iolo System Mechanic, click here.

    9. FixMyPc

    FixMyPc is one of the best PC cleaner tools to safely clean, repair, and optimize the PC with simple and easy maintenance tools.

    best PC cleaner


    These are the following features of FixMyPc

    • It finds and removes all types of harmful malware including adware, spyware, etc.
    • It protects your privacy by clearing all the tracks.
    • It fixes Windows issues with just one click.
    • It has a registry cleaner that prevents program crashes.
    • One of the major advantages is that it disables the background apps that drain out the system.
    • It keeps the PC free from all unwanted files and apps.

    To download FixMyPc, click here.

    10. CleanMyPC

    CleanMyPC is one of the best tools for MAC that deals with storage, speed, and malware issues. It improves PC performance and removes all types of adware, malware, and ransomware.

    best PC cleaner


    These are the following features of CleanMyPC

    • It accelerates the PC performance by cleaning all the junk files.
    • It fixes all the issues of the MAC with just one click.
    • It removes all the browsing issues and also clears both the online and offline tracks.
    • It performs an in-depth scan and removes unwanted apps if any found.
    • It lessens the system load and tunes the Mac for maximum performance.
    • It even turns junk into free space.

    To download CleanMyPC, click here.

    11. Wise Care 365

    Wise Care 365 is a tool that securely cleans up all the unnecessary files and hence makes the system faster. It is an easy-to-maintain tool that defragments your disk.

    best PC cleaner


    These are the following features of Wise Care 365.

    • It schedules automatic disk cleaning.
    • It provides a 24*7 support service.
    • It provides a 60-day money-back guarantee.
    • It has support for multiple languages.
    • It clears the list of all the updates of Wise Disk Cleaner.
    • It clears the Internet histories, cache files, and cookies of Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari browsers.
    • It protects the system's privacy by removing all the traces thoroughly.

    To download Wise Care 365, click here.

    12. AVG PC TuneUp

    AVG PC TuneUp is a cleaner tool that prevents security issues, bugs & irritating installers. It is a zero-hassle software updater that makes the system fast and increases the battery life of androids. It deeply cleans the hard drive with a disk cleaner.

    best PC cleaner


    These are the following features of AVG PC TuneUp.

    • It updates all the programs automatically.
    • It removes the junk files to free up space.
    • It speeds up the PC performance.
    • It provides all-rounder automatic maintenance.
    • It uninstalls all the software that is no longer in use.
    • It automatically cleans the registry.
    • It optimizes the PC with sleep mode.
    • It removes all kinds of bloatware and junk files.

    To download AVG PC TuneUp, click here.

    13. Piriform CCleaner

    Piriform CCleaner is a tool that provides automatic cleaning, updates, and privacy protection. It makes the system faster.

    best PC cleaner


    These are the following features of Piriform CCleaner.

    • It makes your system faster by controlling the apps that use the computer's resources.
    • It always keeps the browsers and operating systems up to date.
    • It provides high privacy protection.
    • It reduces security vulnerabilities by instantly updating the software.
    • It guards against junk files by monitoring them in real-time.
    • It provides safer browsing by clearing the history automatically.

    To download Piriform CCleaner, click here.

    Now, let us try to answer some of the most common questions that often come to our mind while choosing the best free PC Cleaner.

    What is the difference between a PC Cleaner and an anti-virus?

    PC Cleaners are the tools that find and remove the junk files and optimize the system whereas anti-virus only scans the system to clean virus and malware or some other infected files.

    What are some of the best free PC Cleaners?

    These are the following best free PC Cleaners:

    • Avira
    • Iolo System Mechanic
    • Piriform CCleaner
    • IObit Advanced SystemCare

    Why are PC Cleaners essential?

    PC Cleaners are essentials for the following reasons:

    • It removes the junk files.
    • It optimizes the system.
    • It saves disk space.
    • It boosts the system's performance.


    I hope from the above article it is clear what PC Cleaner is, what are some of the best free PC Cleaners and their features, why it is essential, and how it is different from antivirus.

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