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Random 6 Digit OTP String Generator In Python

Posted in Programming   LAST UPDATED: AUGUST 20, 2021

    In this tutorial, we are going to learn how we can generate a random string for different purposes. For example, if we want to send an OTP, we have to provide a different string every time an OTP has to be sent. Or may be for custom Captcha purpose you need to generate random string values.

    In Python, we have a module called random, which helps us to generate random data. In this module there is a method called random.random() which generates a number between 0 and 1 including 0 [0, 1). Let's first see the usage of the random() method.

    Random Method

    Below is a simple code example where we have used the random() method,

    ## importing the random module
    import random
    ## prints a float between 0 and 1



    We can use the ceil method of math module to get an integer from the randomly generated floating value. It helps to pass it as an index to a list or string to make a random string.

    Random Data Generation (set of 6 digits)

    We will have numbers from 0 to 9 stored in a list. Then we will generate a random number using the random() method and will add(concatenate) the corresponding indexed digit to a string. below we have the code for the same:

    ## importing modules
    import random
    import math
    ## storing strings in a list
    digits = [i for i in range(0, 10)]
    ## initializing a string
    random_str = ""
    ## we can generate any lenght of string we want
    for i in range(6):
    ## generating a random index
    ## if we multiply with 10 it will generate a number between 0 and 10 not including 10
    ## multiply the random.random() with length of your base list or str
    index = math.floor(random.random() * 10)
    random_str += str(digits[index])
    ## displaying the random string


    Random string 809041

    We can also generate different type of strings using the above procedure. If we want to generate a string which contains both digits and alphabets then, we can add all of those to a list and creates a random string of the desired length. Try it of your own. If you have any doubts, mention them in the comment section.

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