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Readymade Calculators for Complex Formulae - AllMath

Posted in Best Apps   NOVEMBER 6, 2023

    Typical calculators are designed to find the calculations for all math questions. However, these calculators only find answers to equations or entered operations, they do not automatically know which formula to use for which question.

    When it comes to finding a reliable math calculator online, it can be overwhelming due to the sheer number of options available. However, I recently stumbled upon and felt compelled to share my experience in detail.

    What is Allmath?

    Allmath is a website that has online calculators designed for specific purposes. Almost all calculators are related to education, particularly mathematics. These calculators have names of concepts or topics e.g. force calculator.

    allmath website

    Each calculator already has the formula incorporated into its algorithm and only requires input values to solve. For instance, if you open the force calculator, you will just need to enter mass and acceleration and it will give the value of the force.

    How does it work?

    All the calculators have the same guidelines.

    1. Open the calculator.

    2. Choose the type (if there are any e.g. definite or indefinite integral).

    3. Input the mentioned values.

    4. Choose the unit if the option is available (depends on the calculator type).

    5. Click calculate.

    6. Click Show steps to see the complete process.

    These are general instructions. To assist the user with each calculator, there is always a "How to use this tool?" section designated to that specific tool.

    Features of AllMath

    Let's see some of the most important and useful features that I found helpful as a mathematics student. I am sure anyone looking for a good tool website would be tempted by these.

    1. Easy to use

    This app does not require some lengthy and time-consuming login. You have to open the website and select a calculator. The interface is excellent and user-friendly. There is no junk whatsoever and all the calculators are right on the landing page.

    2. Search bar

    As someone who knows exactly what am I looking for, the search bar was a savior. You do not have to swim through the ocean of calculators to find the one you need. Just type the keyword and the relevant calculator will be shown.

    3. Accuracy

    A math calculator is only as good as its accuracy, and Allmath certainly delivers in this aspect. I tested several calculators with different types of problems and cross-checked the results with other tools. Each time, the results were consistent and reliable.

    4. Blog

    For math enthusiasts, there is a special feature. It has a very informative blog containing insightful articles on different topics. Once I opened the blog, It took some effort to focus on anything else. All the posts that time allowed me to read, were really interactive, well-researched, and interesting.

    5. Math glossary

    For people like me, who tend to forget even the simplest of terms like acute and obtuse angles (it really happens), Allmath has a glossary for common math definitions. Although I would love it to include more words. There is also a page titled "Math biographies" but there isn't much there at the moment. But it would be a really great addition once they start working on it.

    6. Customer support

    Allmath offers customer support for users who may need assistance or have inquiries. You can give feedback on any calculator and suggest improvements or report any bugs. While this ensures that there is a team always working on it, a live chat would have been very helpful.

    7. Speed

    The speed of this website is one of the things that make it outstanding. Don’t know how they managed it, but everything runs so smoothly on Allmath. It should have been discussed earlier in the review but there was so much I wanted to tell you about. You can tell I am impressed.

    8. Mobile compatibility

    Another noteworthy feature of this website is its mobile compatibility. This is crucial as it enables users to access the calculators and the blog on various devices, especially when on the move.

    There are many awesome things that can be discussed in detail but the word limit will exceed from review to thesis ;). For example, there are always relevant calculators on the sidebar of every calculator, or the fact that the results can be copied or downloaded. But let’s discuss some of its calculators.

    9. Top-rated calculators

    Allmath boasts an extensive collection of calculators that spans a variety of math subjects, from the basics of addition and subtraction to the complexities of calculus and trigonometry.

    I am going to discuss three main calculators that in my opinion have no competitors.

    9.1. Limit calculator

    limit calculator

    This specific calculator by Allmath ranks on the first page of the Google search results. This is the very calculator that introduced me to this phenomenal website.

    Contrary to other limit calculators I came across in my career, this calculator covers almost every aspect of limits. Some of the highlights are:

    • It can find limits from any or both sides.

    • Gives a complete process.

    • The equation can be entered in the original form, the one that is usually written in textbooks.

    It is a complete package.

    9.2. Slope intercept form calculator

    slope intercept form

    Once we learn slopes, they are in constant use at different places for different purposes. So it would be fair to say, slopes are really important for everyone in math fields.

    You constantly have to find the values of the slope using different inputs hence most of us turn to online calculators. Guess what is the first calculator for “slope intercept form calculator” on Google. You are right! It is by Allmath. That says a lot about the quality of this website alone.

    It would not do the calculator justice if I did not mention its live graph. This feature alone makes it 100 times better.

    It has been a complete delight to use this calculator. I am not going to mention every detail but suggest you look for it yourself.

    9.3. Summation calculator

    summation calculator

    This calculator has been a long companion of mine since my Ph.D. thesis was related to Euler's method. I literally had it bookmarked.

    The way it evaluates every value for the equation has really been able to help me clear any doubts. It has one of the best interfaces. Literally takes no time to understand what to input in the boxes.

    Lastly, I love that there is an article below every calculator explaining some of its main points like definition, formula, and manual calculations with examples. Sometimes the articles discuss daily life uses of the concept which is great for students.

    What can be improved?

    Although I mentioned some required improvements along the way, let's see some others.

    1. Categorization of calculators according to their field will be time-saving.

    2. Math is a whole universe. There are always more calculators that can be added.

    3. Would love to see it as a mobile application. I know it's hard but just my suggestion.

    4. Some calculators are available in other languages as well e.g. summation and age calculators. This can be done for all calculators.

    These are definitely not cons but some suggestions to make Allmath better.


    In conclusion, my experience with Allmath was largely positive. I would give it a solid 9 out of 10. The website stands out as a valuable resource for anyone in need of math assistance. I look forward to seeing how it evolves in the future to provide an even better user experience.

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