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The Perfect Career Choice For All Graduates

 JUNE 22, 2018   by iamabhishek

Technology has overtaken finance as the preferred career choice for millennials and generation Z, with 45% choosing this sector as their dream career after graduating. This is true regardless of their degree choice. You don't have to have a degree in a tech subject to go into the industry after graduation. Almost all industries are underpinned by a need for technology, whether it’s to power their office equipment or reach potential customers on social media. Graduates of all background should consider taking a course in technology, so that they can get into this flourishing and exciting industry.

Silicon Valley used to be the place where the smartest computer scientists gathered to introduce the world to new gadgets. While it still does this, many tech companies are branching out into new industries. Google, which began life as a simple search engine, could now be about to dominate the auto industry. Technology companies are taking over everything. They no longer just build phones and computers. They also offer financial services and artificial intelligence has replaced traditional marketing.

No matter what your interests are, the tech industry has something for you. Even if your background is in humanities or social science, digital companies need your help. By getting a little bit of computer training, you could greatly expand your employment opportunities.

Purpose-Driven, Creative and Innovative

Another reason that many young people are turning to tech is that it is so exciting right now. Elon Musk, the guy who founded PayPal, is now on a mission to save the world from climate change and even colonize Mars. Tech startups are leaders of innovation.

This helps to create a career climate that is meaningful and purpose driven. Young people aren’t interested in simple pencil pushing office work. If you’re the kind of creative person who wants to do work that you can take pride in and that genuinely solves world problems, then tech has something for you.

Endless Opportunities for Growth

Technology isn’t going away. In the past 25 years, we’ve experienced a technological revolution. The 1990s tech boom will go down as a monumental event in human history. This, unfortunately for some, has caused job losses where machines were better able to perform a task than a human. However, this was more than made up for in the increase of tech jobs available.

With no signs of innovation and growth slowing down, the tech industry could guarantee lifelong employment. If job security is something you are concerned about, then tech could be for you. The world still has many problems that need solving and it is technology companies that will come to the rescue.

No matter your background, the reasons to apply to a tech company are endless. You will have a huge range of options available to you since tech is branching out into every other industry. You will also have access to a purpose-driven, creative industry that is always changing. Tech jobs will always be around, so you may experience increased job security as well.


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