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Top 10 Python Frameworks To Learn in 2022

Posted in Programming   LAST UPDATED: FEBRUARY 17, 2022

    Top Python Frameworks

    One of the most widely used, most lucrative programming languages used as the main coding language by most of the developers is Python. Embedded with extensive libraries and frameworks to fuel up different processes it is one of the fastest-growing programming languages today.

    Most of the popular companies like Amazon, Instagram, Oracle, Goole and many others use Python in different ways today. Some of the most trending technologies like Machine Learning processes and Artificial Intelligence are all based on Python.

    Here are some of the amazing features of Python:

    • It is very easy to learn.
    • Object-oriented programming is facilitated.
    • There is platform independence.
    • Enhanced Performance.
    • Security.

    There are different industries like Healthcare, Education, Finance, Banking, Electronics, etc. that use Python.

    Here, in this article, we will talk about some of the best Python frameworks to learn in 2022.

    1. Django

    Facilitating a concise design and rapid development, Django is a high-level Python framework. Django is the 4th most wanted framework for web development as per the latest survey.
    Some of the popular sites using Django are Mozilla, Pinterest, Instagram, National Geographic and much more.

    There are amazing features in it like:

    • To use for rapid development, you have the ready-made components.
    • You get enhanced security features.
    • Extremely versatile and Highly scalable

    2. Flask

    It is a micro-framework that is written in Python that provides you with tools to run the web development process. It is made adaptable for a wide variety of development processes as this framework has a modular design.


    Airbnb, Red Hat, Netflix, Reddit are some of the renowned companies that use Flask. It runs with minimum effort and is really very simple to use. These are some of the amazing features of Flask:

    • Very simple to learn and understand.
    • You get integrated support for unit testing
    • Compatible with the Google app engine.
    • Great environment for building functional applications.

    3. Pyramid

    It is an open-source web development framework used to build web applications with Python. Among experienced Python developers, this is regarded as the most valued framework. It can provide extensive scalability, testability, and flexibility. Renowned companies like Thinkr, Kallibr, and Dropbox use the Pyramid App to keep the core of your solution really expandable.


    These are some of the key features:

    • Easy to extend and platform-independent.
    • Runs well with both small and large applications.
    • A minimalistic approach helps to develop web applications.
    • Supports HTML form generation and validation.

    4. CherryPy

    Being an object-oriented web framework, CherryPy helps developers to build web applications in less time. With the first version released/developed in 2002, it is one of the oldest frameworks of Python. It is really secure, reliable and fast. It also provides a production-ready WSGI thread-polled web server which is really the cherry on the cake. Developers use it to create portable database-driven web applications. Renowned companies like Netflix, Indigo Domotics and Hulu use CherryPy.


    These are some of its key highlights:

    • For static content, encoding, and caching it has inbuilt tools
    • For testing and coverage, it provides inbuilt support.
    • It can run multiple HTTP sessions simultaneously.

    5. Bottle

    It is a Web Server Gateway Interface or WSGI micro web framework for Python. It is easy to learn and really fast and is compatible to build APIs. It helps developers to work closely with the hardware and this is one of the most amazing advantages of Bottle Framework. For learning about prototyping and the organization of web frameworks, Bottle can be regarded as the best choice. Popular companies using the Bottle framework are Payasa Data and Sotong Kitchen.


    Key highlights:

    • Routing and Abstraction features are available.
    • You get plugin support for multiple databases
    • There are no dependencies other than Python standard library.

    6. CubicWeb

    By reusing components, CubicWeb is a semantic framework that helps developers to build web applications. It mainly focuses on efficiency, reusability, and quality of development solutions.


    These are some of its features:

    • Semi-automatic mechanisms for JSON/XML/text generation
    • It supports reusable components.
    • By embedding Relational query language it simplifies data related queries.

    7) TurboGears

    This is somewhere between a full-fledged framework and an add-on library. As architecture is one of its key selling points, it allows for scalability and ease of maintenance.


    Some of its key features are:

    • Turbocharging your Python development.
    • Speed up a website by boosting performance and productivity.
    • Comes with the complete API documentation.
    • Makes for an attractive option for larger projects requiring more flexibility.

    8) WebPy

    Python is particularly well suited for web development as it was designed as an easy-to-read language. Therefore, WebPy has gained so much traction in these years. Also, Python can process websites faster than other programming languages due to its simplicity and relatively small size.

    Thus using WebPy is your best option if you are a designer who is looking to add a dynamic element to your site, or wanting to create an engaging site from scratch using Python code.

    9) AIOHTTP

    Being a high-level, asynchronous framework, The AIOHTTP project allows developers to build event-driven programming applications. It can handle many requests with ease as it was built with high scalability and performance in mind.


    Creating single-page applications that are becoming very popular due to their speed and responsiveness, has become highly popular with The AIOHTTP project.

    Popular libraries, such as Flask and Twisted can be used with it.

    10) Dash

    Dash is one of Python’s most popular microframeworks as it hosts thousands of web applications and serves millions of requests per day. Dash emphasizes simplicity and handles many common web-development tasks like sessions, templating, cookies, URL routing and more.


    It makes it very easy for developers to get up and run as it comes with several pre-written applications.

    You can choose which components you need during setup — while leaving out the ones you don’t as Dash is designed to be modular.


    So these were the top Python Frameworks of 2022.

    Let us know about the one that interests you the most in the comment section.

    All the best!

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