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Top 10 Social Media Apps and Sites in 2022

Posted in General   JANUARY 28, 2022

    Top Social Media Apps

    2021 is coming to an end and in these times of lockdown, all that has been keeping the world together is social media. With new trends and various new features, social media has become the new place to hang out.

    But there are so many new social media sites coming up every day, how do you know that you are keeping up with the world?

    Don't worry, we have got your back. This article will give you a complete list of the top social media sites and apps to use.

    1. Facebook


    The first one is very obvious and very famous.

    Facebook is the most famous social networking site in the world. Even though there has been a lot of conspiracy attached to its name recently, Facebook rules social media.

    It is the place for you if you want to easily get in touch with most of the people from your current or former life. With close to 3 billion users, Facebook can help you connect to almost anyone.

    2. Instagram


    The Instagram app might be the best social network for you if you are more interested in looking at images and short video clips. Close to 40% of American adults have an account on Instagram.

    Yes, there has been word around that Instagram has become the hub for superficial posts and a lot of selfies, but if you can look past the junk, you will definitely find stunning photography, incredible artwork and a lot more.

    3. Twitter


    Another network that has received a considerable amount of positive and negative coverage over the past few months is Twitter. With its character limit set to 280 characters and the presence of millions of fake bots, Twitter isn't exactly the place for a reasoned debate.

    Apart from that, if you are interested in getting all the breaking news, instant reactions and a look into what your favourite sports stars, celebrities and journalists are saying, Twitter is the best social media for you. You also get the feature to save videos from Twitter, and you might find some really cool ones.

    4. LinkedIn


    LinkedIn is the best social networking site for professionals. Period.

    With unprecedented growth in recent times, LinkedIn has become one of the best ways to build your CV, find a new job, and network within your professional circles.

    5. Snapchat


    If you are young and looking for the social media where all the cool kids are these days. It's Snapchat. It's very unlikely that you will find your grandma here. The site has made a name for sharing self-destructing images and videos. It also works as a messaging tool and there are a number of gamification features.

    You can keep yourself connected to your friends on a more regular basis using the streak feature on Snapchat and use different filters to spice up your pictures.

    6. Tumblr


    When the worlds of social networking and blogging collide, Tumblr is born. On your blog page, you can post text, photos, videos and other media content, which the other users can then follow.

    If you are skilled enough, you can customize the look and layout of your page completely as the network also supports HTML editing. A custom domain name could also be used.

    The site was banned in December 2018, as it was surveyed that 22% of the site's traffic was pornographic in nature. But now Tumblr claims to have become safe for minors.

    7. Pinterest


    Another very famous social media website is Pinterest. You can even call it an image bookmarking site ( it does support GIFs and videos too). Here you can post images to your public and private boards, comment on pins and follow other users and boards.

    If you are looking for inspiration for a DIY project or need something to kick start your creative side, Pinterest is the best social networking site for you.

    8. Sina Weibo

    Sina Weibo

    China's answer to Twitter is Sina Weibo. It is one of the most popular social networks in the world hosting more than 500 million users.

    If you want to be updated about what is happening in Asia you can be updated on Sina Weibo. Although it is heavily censored by the Chinese government, it is still worth signing up.

    9. Reddit


    Also viewed as the front page of the internet, Reddit is partly a discussion forum, and partly a content submission site. You can influence what is popular at a given time by upvoting or downvoting posts.

    The site is branched into many subreddits which cover most of the topics you can think about. You can find like-minded people on Reddit if you have a niche hobby.

    10. TikTok


    Tik-Tok is the fresh face of social media apps compared to senior citizens like Twitter and Facebook. After Vine was shut down, Tik-Tok was created to fill its space, but today, it has gone way ahead of it.

    There is a lot of demand for short-duration videos and Tik-Tok is the hub for it. In the first half of 2018, Tik-Tok was the most downloaded app in the world.


    So this was our list of the top 10 social networking sites and apps in the world today. You can choose the one that suits your interests and make yourself some new friends.

    Published by: Amundra