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Top 15 Android Project Ideas In 2022

    Are you interested in developing Android applications but don't know how to start? Don't worry because, in this article, we have covered the top 15 Android project ideas for 2022 that will help you grow as an Android developer.

    For mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, Android is an open-source operating system. It was first built a couple of decades ago by the Open Handset Alliance, sponsored by Google. The whole company was later taken over by Google, and it released several versions such as Cupcake, Banana Break, Lollipop, KitKat, Oreo, etc.

    Top 15 Android Project Ideas  to Practice

    Android OS dominating the market

    A major chunk of the mobile phones today use the Android operating system. Surveys have indicated that around 72% of smartphones today run on the Android Operating System and one of the big reasons for that is because of its easy accessibility even on other devices like Tablets, smartwatches, Notebooks, etc.

    There is an urgent need to develop Android software in this technologically advancing world. Most companies, be it local or multinational, are looking for highly skilled Android developers.

    Why do you need to work on Android Projects?

    In the life of an Android developer, developing android projects play a vital role because these development projects, that range from beginner to advanced level, are not only one of the easiest but also the best way to learn android.

    To develop an Android application, all you need to know is the fundamentals and the understanding of the languages Java and Kotlin. Kotlin was made the official language for Java in 2017. Before that, Java was the official language of Android. But any of the two languages can be used to build android applications.

    So you need to start with some sample android projects before getting a hands-on experience of the real world. You can start with some Android projects that will help you get the gist of what you need to do.

    Here, in this article, we have for you, the top 15 android projects that will help you grow as an Android developer.

    Android Projects (Beginners)

    First, we have mentioned 5 Android Projects for absolute beginners.

    1. Tic Tac Toe Game

    Tic Tac Toe Game

    It is a game played by two players at a time where the players have to choose either X or O in a 3×3 grid. Any position can be chosen on the grid by the first player, then both get one move at a time, one after the other. If the player gets their marks in the grid horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, then he/she wins the game.

    The game maintains a 2-D array in the backend to save the current state of the 3X3 grid. To check if the box clicked by the player is empty or not, a function will be made. This function will also decide to put up an image of X if the previous one was O and vice versa. The game ends when the consecutive images match.

    Languages or tools needed: Android Studio, Java, XML.

    2. Photo Management Application

    Photo Management Application

    The Photo Management Application is the next android project idea for beginners. Users can see all the images present in their device in a grid layout structure using this application. New images can also be captured that will get stored on their device.

    Yes, this is quite simple but it will help you immensely in learning the fundamental concepts.

    You'll learn :

    • Fundamentals of how the android application communicates with the internal storage of any device.
    • Using the CameraX library for enabling image capture options.
    • How to do image processing using Picasso or other image libraries.

    Languages or tools needed: Android Studio, Java or Kotlin, CameraX library, and Picasso.

    3. News Application

    News Application

    The News Application is the next project idea. It would use an Application Programming Interface (API) to fetch the news from a server. API will bring news by working as an interface between your application and the server and you will display all those news in a RecyclerView in your application.

    Clicking on any particular news item would open that link in the mobile browser.

    You'll learn :

    • How to use libraries like Retrofit or Volley for making network calls and image display.

    Languages or tools needed: Android Studio, Java or Kotlin, Volley or Retrofit library.

    4. Music Application

    Music Application

    Building a music application is also something you can try as an Android Project. The user will be able to look for any song present in their phone storage using this application. The user can pause, play, and stop a song.

    All the songs from the phone memory would be displayed in a list which will take the input from the user and work accordingly.

    You'll learn :

    • Working on background services as the music app would run in the background.
    • Providing notifications with play, pause, next song and previous song buttons.

    Languages or tools needed: Android Studio, Java or Kotlin, XML, SQL for the local database.

    5. Tuition Notes Application

    Tuition Notes Application

    The Tuition Notes Application can be another brilliant Android Project. The user can keep the track of the tuition classes that they did and did not attend. The attendance of the students will be marked by the tutor and he/she will also upload the notes. For parents' awareness, the application can have a parents module.

    The tutor will be the admin who will add the students and their parents. They will get separate user details and they will log in using their credentials. The tuition notes will be available in pdf format for the students to download.

    Languages or tools needed: Android Studio, Java or Kotlin, JSON/ XML.

    Android Projects (Intermediate)

    After the very basic ones, now we have some Intermediate level Android Projects that you can add to your portfolio.

    6. Online Exam Application

    Online Exam Application

    In times like Covid conducting exams offline is really overwhelming. Therefore, creating an online exam application is the best option where the exam can be conducted in the most disciplined and a very smooth manner.

    There will be two modules in the project:

    • First will be the Admin module. This is where the examinations will be scheduled, all the notices will be circulated, and the other administrative functions will be performed.
    • Then there will be the Candidate module. This, as it suggests, will be created for the students to give the exam. The passwords of the users in this module can be changed in order to secure the account.

    Languages or tools needed: Android Studio, Java, XML with configuration system, Android Emulator, firebase authentication, and real-time database.

    7. Online voting system

    Online Voting System

    In this advanced technological day and age waiting for your turn to vote while standing in long queues can be quite challenging. Here, you can replace it with the online voting system which will click the snap of the voters and verify it with the already existing data. After confirming the identity, the One Time Password (OTP) will be sent to their phone numbers.

    After this process is completed, the voters can vote in a hassle-free manner.

    There will be two modules:

    • Admin: To create and schedule voting.
    • User: To vote.

    In addition, there will be face verification, OTP generation, and voting.

    Languages or tools needed: Android Studio, XML, JAVA, Android Emulator.

    8. Train Food Application

    Train Food APplication

    You can build a food delivery application for the passengers on trains who are making a long journey. Most people are not big fans of the food served at railway stations, thus ordering some good food and receiving it on the train itself can make the journey quite pleasant.

    There will be three modules required in this application:

    • The restaurant or cafe: As they log in they will find some admin features like adding new food items, updating details, marking unavailable, etc. They would also be able to upload images.
    • The delivery person: They will be able to see all of their orders and their status assigned, rejected, completed, etc.
    • The passengers: The home screen of the passenger will be loaded with the images of the food items that can be ordered while mentioning the restaurant of the cafe that is providing the food item. The current location of the delivery person would also be available to them.

    Languages or tools needed: Android location services, Android studio, Java or Kotlin, XML, Object-Oriented Programming, Firebase authentication and real-time database, libraries like Picasso and circular image library.

    9. Women Safety Application

    Women Safety Application

    The most important goal of the Woman Safety Application would to provide the utmost safety to women. The women would have to register themselves on the application and they can press the power button thrice as soon as they feel that something is shady. Consequently, the nearest police station will receive their location and so will the emergency contacts. She can press the stop button if she reaches a safe space.

    There will be three modules in this application:

    • Admin: The application will be managed by the admin. Functions like viewing the user details, tracking the location, etc.
    • User: The registered woman would be using the user module. She would get to add details like emergency contacts, location, etc.
    • Guardian: The well-wishers of the user will be added here. They have to register on the application too

    You can also add a shake detector in the application which would instigate SOS messages to the registered contacts as soon as the phone is shaken vigorously.

    Languages or tools needed: Android Studio IDE, Xampp, Android SDK, Android Emulator, Java, and basic XML, Firebase authentication, and real-time database.

    10. Online Vaccination

    Online vaccination

    In these Covid times where higher vaccination rates are to be achieved this application can be a boon to society. All the relevant information about the people will be gathered by the application and it will help them get vaccinated.

    There will be two modules in this application:

    • Admin: They would be posting the available slots for vaccination, generating reports and vaccination certificates. All the records of the users can be fetched from this end of whether they have been vaccinated or not.
    • User: Users will register on this app and then check for the available slots for vaccination. They can also download their vaccination certificates from the application. Also, the number of doses takes would be visible.

    Languages or tools needed: Android Studio, JAVA, XML, User Interface.

    Android Projects (Advanced)

    Now, we have some of the Advanced Android Projects that can be worked upon.

    11. Panchayat Services Application

    Panchayat Services Application

    The villagers can use this application to avail the panchayat at any time. Thus, the process of filing complaints and then getting the solutions would be eased and made more timely. The upcoming programmes or projects can be updated on the application, thus notifying the villagers.

    There will be two modules in this application:

    • Admin: Allowing to view and alter the details of the users.
    • User: To avail of all the facilities and schemes provided.

    Languages or tools needed: Android Studio with Java, XML, a chatbox, firebase authentication, and a real-time database.

    12. Women Jobs Application

    Women Jobs Application

    The women who are willing to work will be supported by this application as it will provide them with opportunities and platforms to work. There will also be a chatbox in the application so that employers and employees can communicate directly with each other.

    There will be two modules in this application:

    • Admin (Recruiters): The jobs will be posted with the proper description so that a suitable candidate is hired.
    • User (Job-seeking women): They can upload all of their relevant documents that are required by the recruiters. Details of the person who has posted for the job can also be viewed easily.

    Using the chat feature, the recruiters can reach out to the candidates directly. Interviews can also be scheduled by the recruiters on this application.

    Languages or tools needed: Android Studio, Java programming, Firebase authentication, and real-time database.

    13. E-banking


    The E-banking application is the next advanced project idea that can work as the moderator between the banks and the users. Without having to visit the banks, the users can create and maintain their accounts, change or set passwords and access the other facilities of the bank.

    The details of the online transactions will be saved on the application.

    The users can get access to all the facilities of the bank.

    Languages or tools needed: Android Studio, Android Emulator, Java, JSON, SQLite Database.

    14. Hostel Management Application

    Hostel management application

    The Hostel Management Application will help the authorities to manage the hostel better by keeping track of the hostellers' in and out timings and their daily entries.

    There will be three modules in this app:

    • Admin: They will have to control of the details of the hostellers' accounts and the power to monitor all the activities of the hostellers.
    • Hosteller: They will log in to their account and check their entry and exit timings in and from the hostel.
    • Staff: They can update the timings of hostellers and mark the mess attendance.

    Languages or tools needed: Android Studio, Android Emulator, Java, Firebase, Butterknife library, Glide library.

    15. Ayurvedic Remedies Application

    Ayurvedic Remedies Application

    There has been a remarkable move away from the chemical drugs to the natural Ayurveda in recent times. On this application, the users can feed their health details and the cure would be suggested by consultants and experts.

    There will be two modules:

    • Admin (Doctor): The posted health issues will be viewed by the doctors and then they will provide the solutions.
    • User (Patient): Here the health history and the problems will be posted by the users to get the medical aid required. It is suggested that you add the payment gateway in the same application.

    Languages or tools needed: Android Studio, XML, JAVA for frontend and PHP and SQL using Xampp for the backend.


    Android has become one of the most widely used operating systems in the world, with over 72% of smartphones using it. As a result, the demand for Android developers has increased dramatically, and the best way to become a skilled Android developer is to work on Android projects. Developing Android projects, whether they are basic or advanced, will not only help you learn the Android fundamentals but also provide you with hands-on experience in real-world Android development.

    In this article, we have listed the top 15 Android project ideas for beginners and intermediate-level developers. Starting with simple games like Tic Tac Toe, and photo management applications, and progressing to more advanced projects like online exam applications and e-commerce applications, you can pick and choose the one that best suits your interests and skill level. These Android projects will help you grow your knowledge of Android development and build your portfolio as an Android developer.

    If you have any suggestions, let us know.

    All the best!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What is Android?

    Android is an open-source operating system for mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches. It was developed by the Open Handset Alliance sponsored by Google and has since been taken over by Google. It has several versions such as Cupcake, Banana Break, Lollipop, KitKat, and Oreo.

    2. What are the benefits of learning Android development?

    The benefits of learning Android development can open up various opportunities for you as a developer because Android OS dominates the market, and there is an increasing demand for skilled Android developers.

    3. Do I need to know Java to develop Android apps?

    No, It is not necessary to know Java to develop Android apps because Java was the official language of Android before Kotlin was made the official language in 2017. Both Java and Kotlin can be used to build Android applications. However, Java is still widely used in the Android development community.

    4. What are some good Android project ideas for beginners?

    Some good Android project ideas for beginners are building a Tic Tac Toe game, photo management application, news application, music application, or tuition notes application. These projects can help you learn fundamental concepts, including how to use Android Studio, Java or Kotlin, and other libraries such as Retrofit, Volley, or CameraX.

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