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Top 5 Best Chrome Security Extensions

Posted in General   LAST UPDATED: NOVEMBER 10, 2021

    Best  chrome security extension

    Today, Google Chrome is one of the most used web browsers in the world. With a rather simple, responsive, and clear layout, it provides a secure and safe browsing experience. But there are different ways that can make it more secure and avoid falling prey to attackers, despite the great work done by the company.

    With the technology evolving every second, new threats keep emerging online. On the chrome web, there are many google chrome security extensions that will help you counter these constantly evolving threats by adding an extra layer of security protection.

    List of Top 5 Best Chrome Security Extensions

    1. TeamPassword


    There are different types of employees working for companies and businesses. Some of them are permanent and some work on the basis of projects. But, be what the tenure for their employees, the company wants them to be able to access their several tools, services, and applications.

    To access this information the employees generally need logins and passwords so that the business information is kept secure. Then, after the employee has left the business firm and isn't working there anymore, the businesses simply don't want them to have access to the information anymore.

    The reason for this could be some security reasons or anything else.

    This is where TeamPassowrd helps you. You can quickly remove access to such users in one simple step. Plus, it can also generate strong passwords that can be shared across a team.

    Also, you can add the employees to the system in just two steps. Businesses can explore the benefits of online security and privacy by using the free trial offered by TeamPassword manager.

    2. AdBlocker Ultimate

    adblocker ultimiate

    Most of the internet today, is filled with advertisements and that too flashy ones. People are tempted by these ads to click on them as they pop on their screen. But these advertisements are mostly harmful as they are hiding malware which starts downloading instantly. The downloaded content can be very harmful to the computer.

    This risk can be averted considerably by the use of AdBlocker Ultimate. Unlike many other ad-blocking extensions, AdBlocker Ultimate does not consider any advertisements to be white-listed or acceptable. Thus, someone thinking it to be okay won't be the reason for a slip through the program. It is free to add the extension. Also, the browser experience would be boosted as there won't be any ads.

    Also, you can turn advertisements for specific websites using this software. Thus the overall secure browsing experience is improved.

    3. Ghostery


    At any given point, people can find their online activity being tracked and such attackers slow down browsing and potentially invade the privacy of the user.

    Ghostery can help users find out if they are being tracked and gives them the power to either block or unblock them.

    Also, you can find out who is tracking you, then you can disable the trackers which can help them to avoid letting trackers know that you were there.

    Trackers from specific categories could be selected and blocked by using add-ons such as social media, analytics or advertisements.

    4. Windows Defender

    Winidows Defender

    You can get real-time protection from phishing, malicious websites, and other suspicious activities by using the Windows Defender extension for Chrome. Microsoft can reduce your chances of falling victim to those phishing links.

    When clicked on, these links automatically start unwanted downloading to a device without approval. These downloads have the potential to damage your computer, and can sometimes be extremely harmful. Stored sensitive information can also be uncovered sometimes.

    The defender will lead the user to a red screen of warning, once the user clicks on an unsecured link. Then the screen will tell them whether the site is harmful or not. The defender, at this point, has scanned the site.

    The user will get a notification, in case it finds a match.

    The user will then get an option to return to a previous screen as the red warning screen appears.

    These features make Windows Defender one of the most useful add-ons which can help users protect themselves from falling victim to malware.

    5. Avast Online Security

    avast online scurity chrome extension

    Fifth on our list is Avast Online Security. The user here is warned if the URL they are visiting is fake. There can be different occasions when the users enter the wrong domain site by misspelling the letters, that is when this feature comes in handy.

    Most of the websites track down the cookies that follow the activity of the users. By running on the community rating system, the Avast Online Security chrome extension prevents it by informing about the websites that users find dangerous.

    You also get a password manager along with it.


    Sites can always be considered by the users as blacklisted or whitelisted. The main goal of these Chrome Security Extensions is for the user to have full control of their privacy and security for great browsing and internet experience.

    To make your Chrome using experience the best, you can use all of these Security Extensions on your Chrome Browser.

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