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Top Caller Name Announcer Apps

    The caller ID for incoming phone calls can now be announced out loud by the Google Phone app, thus making you aware of who's calling you without you having to turn your eye on the phone. You can access this feature globally with all android phones that are using the Google Phone app for calls.

    Top  Caller Name Announcer  Apps

    Although this feature might not seem like that big of a deal, it can sure be helpful in many different situations.

    There are many occasions when you are on the other side of the room or running some chores and your phone rings and you want to know who the caller is. At this time you have to make a decision on whether to continue with what you are doing or reach to the phone to check who is calling. With the Caller Name Announcer feature, you can do both at the same time.

    You can also screen unwanted calls easily by pairing the Caller ID announcements with Google Assistant's call-screening capabilities. Also, for visually-impaired people, this is a very convenient feature.

    Enabling caller ID announcements on Android

    First, you have to download the latest version of the Google Phone app on your device.

    Then you can follow these simple steps to enable the caller ID announcements in Google Phone's settings:

    1. First, open the Google Phone app.

    2. Select Settings from the three-dot icon and then move to Caller ID announcement.

    3. Then, tap on “Announce caller ID,” and choose among the options available: “Always,” “Only when using a headset,” or “Never.”.

    4. Now, the caller ID will be read out aloud the next time you get a phone call.

    List of best Caller Name Announcers in the Market:

    1. Caller Name Talker

    One of the best guest name speaker applications on Android is the Caller Name Talker. All the names of your callers, SMS senders, and other notifications relating to communication services on your Android smartphone are announced out loud by the app. It gives you alerts for the low battery as well, along with WhatsApp, Gmail, WeChat, IMO, LINE and Telegram. It can also read out your messages from these applications if you allow this feature from the settings.

    Caller Name Talker

    There are also a lot of alternatives to the readout features. You can put in custom messages previously, set the defer time for the alarms, etc.

    The SMS sender ID is voiced using the implicit Android content to-discourse motor. You also get features like stopping the guest name alarm by shaking your mobile phone.

    There is also a premium version called the Caller Name Talker Pro but it is not refreshed with the updates yet, so it is better to stick to the unpaid version for this instance.

    2. Speaking SMS & Call Announcer

    When you are unable to take a glance at your phone, the Speaking SMS and Call Announcer app will help you make your life easier by telling you who is calling. You can prioritize your incoming calls and messages using this as it acts as your digital assistant.

    Speaking SMS and Call announcer

    You also get the "battery percentage drop reminder" feature on this app that keeps reminding you before your smartphone is fully dead. You can also enable the voice pitch feature and set the pitches of voice according to your preference.

    3. Caller Name Announcer

    Onex Softech has developed the app Caller Name Announcer that calls out loud the name of the caller or the person who is sending you text messages.

    Caller Name Announcer

    The app reduces the volume of the ringtone and speaks out the caller's name in between. It is a very good feature to have when you are not around your phone. Also, you get a language change option that gives the app an edge over it's contemporaries.

    4. Speak Caller Name

    Another caller name announcer app will help you find out who is calling or texting you without really glancing at your phone. It has a very user-friendly interface and it is extremely easy to use.

    Speak Caller Name

    Also, this app would announce the SMS sender's name and content and allow you to use the customization option to enable/disable the silent mode.

    5. Caller Name Speaker

    Like the other apps, the Caller Name Speaker also calls out loud the name or the number of the incoming call and reads the content of an SMS.

    Caller Name Speaker

    It has a feature that stands out, called "Flash Light Alert on Call" that alerts the user with the blink of your flashlight whenever there is an incoming call. So the app minimizes all your efforts and gives you auditory information of the important calls and messages.


    The Caller Name Announcer feature is a convenient tool that can be used on Android phones with Google. By enabling caller ID announcements, users can easily screen unwanted calls and know who's calling them without having to look at their phones. This feature is particularly helpful for visually-impaired people and for those who want to continue with their activities while receiving phone calls.

    There are many Caller Name Announcer apps available in the market, each with its own unique features. The top five apps listed in this article are Caller Name Talker, Speaking SMS & Call Announcer, Caller Name Announcer, Speak Caller Name, and Caller Name Speaker. With these apps, users can have their incoming calls and messages announced out loud and can even customise the announcements according to their preferences. Overall, these apps can make the user's life easier and more convenient.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What is a caller name announcer app?

    A caller name announcer app is a mobile application that reads out loud the name of the person calling or sending a text message to your phone. This can be useful in situations where you are unable to look at your phone, or for visually-impaired individuals.

    2. Are caller name announcer apps only available on Android?

    No, Caller name announcer apps are not only available on Android while most caller name announcer apps mentioned in this article are designed for Android, there are some available for iOS devices as well.

    3. Do caller name announcer apps work for all incoming calls?

    Yes, Caller name announcer apps work for all incoming calls, but it depends on the app and the settings you have selected. Some apps may only announce the caller's name if they are in your contacts list, while others may announce all incoming calls.

    4. Can caller name announcer apps be customised?

    Yes, most caller name announcer apps can be customised. You can usually choose when and how the caller's name is announced (such as always, only when using a headset, or never), adjust the volume, and select the language or accent used for the announcement.

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